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What makes HDO Linde so special?

  • VVE location
  • Extensive toddler program
  • Lots of playing outside
  • Inspiring themes
  • Studio

HDO Linde is located in the district Keizer Karelpark. In a beautiful new building we work together with Montessorischool De Linde. We make use of the playroom almost weekly, where we practice toddler dancing together with a dance teacher. When transferring 4-year-olds to primary school de Linde, we prepare the children by researching where the coat rack and the toilets are, and we peek through the door and go have a look at the classroom. In addition, there is a warm transfer between the teachers of the HDO and the school.

We place children at the HDO for at least two mornings a week. This has pedagogical reasons. For example, we think it is important that your child is there at least twice a week, so that your child really gets to know the employees, the other children, the daily program and the rituals.

HDO Linde

The staff at ‘our’ location are great and communication is on time and clear.

– Parent HDO Linde

Toddler care (HDO) at KinderRijk

At KinderRijk, we offer children aged 2-4 years old toddler care (also known as half-day care or HDO). Together with peers, they learn to develop in a playful manner at preschool. First of all, your child will have the opportunity to get to know other children. In addition, it can develop socially and prepare well for primary school. Your child can go to toddler care two or more mornings a week. Children with a VVE indication are offered at least 16 hours a week.

Why KinderRijk?

  • Learning through play: fun, development, imagination and respect form the basics.
  • The best staff available
  • rich play area: inviting, spacious and diverse!
  • Every day we offer challenging and diverse activities that involve music, nature, creativity, science and language.
  • A healthy nutrition policy: tasty and together
  • 50 years of experience in the field of development
  • Generous opening times and all-in rates.

Personal visit?

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