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Day Care

Ages 0 to 4 year

We look after children aged 0 to 4 at the day-care centre and make sure your child has an enjoyable and pleasant day in a safe, familiar and inspiring place. Our day care locations are open between 7:30 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

All our day-care locations are unique and have a character of their own. Some day-care centres are located in monumental buildings, while others are situated in new, modern buildings. The locations have a workshops where we organize creative activities and an exciting nature garden in which your child can explore endlessly. Some of our day-care centres are part of a Children’s Campus. Education and care are combined at a children’s campus: day care, preschool and after-school care. Playful learning and development between ages 0 and 12 in a continuous learning pathway.

Your child will be given space for lots of play at every location, because we believe that children get to grips with their environment through play. This applies to both toddlers and older children. In this way, your child has fun with peers and learns to treat others with respect.

Going to day care for the first time

Taking your child to day care for the first time is quite an exciting step. It takes some getting used to for all of you. At KinderRijk, we are pleased to help you make this transition as smoothly as possible.

You will have an introductory conversation at the location before starting care at KinderRijk. You will meet an educational staff member and discuss the location’s rituals, the daily schedule, various practical matters and, of course, your child’s particularities. This way, you know exactly what to expect from the care, and the educational staff members understand your and your child’s needs.

Check out our locations and find out which location suits you best.

That’s why you choose KinderRijk

  • Inspired professionals

    We are proud of our profession. The basis of the educational quality standards is laid by our education professionals. They enable children to explore carefree and to use their imagination. And they grow along with the children because of the continuous development.

  • Exploring and enriching your world

    There is something new to discover together every day, there are small and big magical moments that spark fun. The children are given all the space they need to discover and explore. And getting dirty? No problem: also mud is a toy for us.

  • Rich play environment and range of activities

    At KinderRijk, you can go on an adventure and experience things different from home. From playing in the nature garden, being creative in the workshop to toddler yoga. We have an inspiring play environment and a varied offering of activities, which give us the opportunity to

  • Room to make their own choices

    We inspire children to learn actively, to make their own choices, to try out new things and to find their own solutions. Children therefore learn to know themselves and to appreciate themselves. This enhances their motivation, self-confidence and independence. Even the youngest children decide for themselves what they want on their bread and of course they spread it on by themselves.

  • Social and sustainable

    We are a foundation and believe we have a social role. Our care is based on high-quality standards. Not on price, profit or quantity. We have a sustainable view of the world and the development of our children and staff. We believe it is our task to be sustainable where possible and to include the children in this vision. For now and in the future.

Everything you want to know

How does the registration process work?

Learn more about how you can register with KinderRijk for childcare and what you can expect during the rest of your registration.

How much are the costs of childcare?

Curious about childcare costs? With our handy calculator tool, you can quickly calculate your monthly childcare expenses.

Get a Glimpse through the Parent App

Through our parent app, we share your child’s experiences using daily reports, photos, and messages.

Babies at KinderRijk

Until about a year and a half old, babies are vulnerable. That’s why we handle your child very consciously, providing both a lot of personal attention and the freedom to move around and explore life. We treat your baby gently and respectfully, following their own pace. We also closely observe what your child is engaged with, what they need in the process, and how they’re developing. Learn more about how we care for babies at KinderRijk.

What is a children’s campus?

A children’s campus is an ‘integrated child center’ based on the belief that fostering development from zero to twelve years, through both education and care, offers more opportunities to nurture your child’s talents comprehensively. This goes beyond collaboration and coordination: there is one vision, one approach, one team. At KinderRijk, we have 3 children’s campus-locations.

Types of Groups at day care

KinderRijk operates with both horizontal and vertical groups. In a horizontal group, children of a specific age are grouped together. In the baby group, these are children up to about two years old, after which they move on to the toddler group until the age of four. A vertical group includes children from zero to four years old.

Nutrition at day care

Healthy food is about much more than what is actually on the plate. It’s also about education: getting children really interested in eating healthy food. This is why we always have a pleasant time eating and drinking together at the table.

Seeing someone eat, makes you want to eat too! In this way, we want to help develop healthy habits. Learn more about how we approach nutrition at KinderRijk.

Would you like to come and take a look?

On the location pages, you can take a virtual tour from the comfort of your home. For an in-person tour, we’d be delighted to invite you after you’ve received a placement offer from us.

Activities and rituals at day care

At Day care, preschool care, and after-school care, we have scheduled times for activities with your child. Children are not obligated to participate, but we do encourage your child to try new things. We challenge children to actively learn and find solutions on their own. This way, your child learns to understand and appreciate themselves, enhancing their motivation, self-confidence, and independence.

The pedagogical staff also occasionally take a stroll to a child-friendly destination near the location for children aged 0-4. By taking a ‘stroll,’ we expand the children’s world. Examples of strolls include observing a construction project in the neighborhood or simply getting some fresh air. Taking strolls is part of our range of activities. We inform parents about this through the parent app.

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