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Parent App

KinderRijk’s parent app allows you to stay up to date on your child’s activities during care. We send photos, videos and messages to give you an impression of your child’s activities and adventures during a day at KinderRijk. This way, you stay involved in your child’s care and never miss a special moment.

Tune in to your child’s care day through our app

The benefits at a glance:

  • Stay up to date anywhere, anytime!
  • Track your child’s developments in a digital notebook
  • Receive photos of your child directly
  • Send and receive messages regarding your child
  • Read the latest news
  • Report your child’s absence by yourself, e.g. in case of illness or holidays

We believe that personal contacts with the parents are essential and communication through our app will therefore not replace these contacts. At most, contact moments are added.

Download the parent app!

You can download the parent app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) under the name Konnect ParentApp.

Would you prefer to view all your child’s information on a PC or laptop? Of course you can! Please go to the parent portal at

How do you log in (for the first time)?

Logging into the parent app or parent portal is simple and easy. Earlier, you received an e-mail (sender is containing your username (e-mail address) and an activation link to set your password. You can log in after setting a password.


After installing the app, enter the details below:

  • <your domain>:
  • login name: this is your e-mail address
  • password: enter your password here


Go to and enter your username (e-mail address) and password.

Useful to know

  • Forgot your password? Then click on ‘forgot password’ and a new password will be sent to you.
  • If we have both parents’ e-mail addresses, each parent will receive an e-mail with his/her username and an activation link to set the password. Both parents can therefore download the parent app, however, they will need to use different e-mail addresses.


The parent app allows you to stay up to date on your child’s activities at childcare through photos. The photos of your child are also shared using the parent app with the parents of the other children in the photo, where you primarily see the photos of your own child.

Parents have the option of downloading photos through the parent app. We ask you to be ethical with the photos if they also show other children. Bear in mind that another parent may object to you publishing photos of his or her child; please do not do this uninvited. The fact that no links are provided to social media within the parent app and the parent portal is a conscious choice. It is therefore not possible to post photos directly to Facebook, for example.

Reporting absence

If your child is unable to come to childcare due to illness, a holiday or any other reason, you can easily report his or her absence through the parent app. The educational staff members of the group will receive the cancellation immediately and are therefore aware of your child’s absence. Really handy, as you no longer need to e-mail or call.

Useful to know

  • Absence can be reported up to 12 weeks in advance.
  • Absence will not be deducted from the invoice.

Frequently asked questions about the parent app

If you have a question about the KinderRijk parent app, see if it is listed below. If your question is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact the Child Planning Department via or 020 – 426 08 66. We are happy to help you on your way!

What can I do with the parent app?

You can use the app to receive photos and messages about your child’s experience, newsletters and practical information about the location and KinderRijk in general. You can also report your child’s absence, request extra care days or send a message to the group staff. Is your child in after-school care? If so, you can easily use the app to view the (holiday) activity programme.

I am experiencing problems with the parent app. What can I do?

In this case, we advise you to uninstall and reinstall the app. You may still be working with an older version of the app. It may also help to update the operating system of the device the app is running on. If this doesn’t help, you can always contact the developer of the parent app.

How can I change notifications?

Throughout the day, you will automatically receive a notification when new events of your child at the nursery occur. Which notifications you receive can be adjusted per section. To change the notifications, go to ‘Account’ in the app and choose ‘Notifications’. Here, you can indicate whether you want to receive a push notification and/or an email notification or no notification at all.

How do I receive a login account?

Six weeks before your child’s placement, you will automatically receive an e-mail (sender is containing your username (e-mail address) and an activation link for setting your password. The activation link is valid for seven days, so please do not activate your account too late. If the link is no longer valid, you can click on ‘Forgot password’ and you will receive a new link which you can use to activate your account.

I have not received an e-mail with login details. What can I do?

If you have not received an email with login details, please check your spam box first. If you find the email there, add the sender to ‘safe senders’. That way you won’t miss out on important information in the future. If the e-mail is not in your spam-box either, then your e-mail address is probably not properly registered in our customer system. In that case please contact the Child Planning department at or 020 4260866.

I forgot my password. How do I request a new password?

Have you forgotten your password? Use the button ‘forgot password’ on the app or in the parent portal to request a new one.

I can’t log in, what could be the problem?

Go through the following steps:

1. Have you forgotten your password? Go to Click on ‘forgot your password’ and enter the requested information. The system will automatically send an e-mail with instructions to the e-mail address that is linked to the user name known in our system.

2. Are you using an old browser? The portal works best with Chrome or Firefox.

3. There should be no spaces in the username or password.

Still unable to log in after going through the above steps? Please contact the Child Planning department at or 020 4260866.

My partner and I would both like to create an account. Is this possible?

Yes it is, provided you have a different email address. You can then log in under your own account. You will then receive the emails on your own email address. Please note that each account must have a unique email address.

Where can I view my data?

Under ‘Account’ in the app, you will find personal information about you and your child(ren) and account-management functions. Would you like to see how many points you have received for absence, view invoices or annual statements, or change notifications? These aspects can be found here too.

Can I also download the diary?

Yes, you can. You can download the diary through the parent portal:

When your child leaves our care, you have eight weeks to download photos and the diary.

What is KinderRijk’s photography policy?

Photos of your child are shared through the parent app with the parents of children whom your child is on the photo with, and where you primarily see the photos of your own child. A conscious decision was made not to make any links to social media. It is therefore not possible to post photos directly on Facebook for example. At the initial conversation, we ask your permission for the use of images in the parenting app.

As a parent, can I adjust permissions and/or statements by myself?

Changing permissions and/or statements is an important aspect that must be handled with care, and therefore you can pass this on through a message in the parent app or verbally to a staff member in the group. You cannot create or change permissions and/or statements in the app, but you can read which permissions and/or statements are set down.

Why do I not receive an immediate response to my post?

The care for the children always takes priority over answering messages received on the parent app. Of course, we always do our best to respond in a timely manner when the situation calls for it. If you have an urgent message or there is an emergency, it is best to call us.

What happens once I have reported my child absent?

The educational staff members of the group receive the notice immediately and are therefore aware of the absence of your child.

KinderRijk offers a service to compensate for absence. We provide this compensation service in the form of points. If you report your child absent before 6:30 pm on the previous day by using the parent app or parent portal, you will receive one point. If you need an extra or different day of care, you can ‘pay’ for this day using a point.

How about my child’s privacy?

Your child’s privacy of your child is essential to us. Privacy is guaranteed in the parent app and the parent portal. You will only see the data of your own child. The security of all data and internet traffic is organised in the same way as, for example, internet banking. Read more about privacy at KinderRijk in our privacy policy.

Is the parent app safe?

The provider of the parent app provides a secure and protected environment to share information with parents. During the development of the parent app, they have set high standards for security. This allows us to determine which parents and staff members have access and to what information. In addition, all data is securely stored.

Can I disable certain functions for one of the parents?

In case of co-parenting, it is possible to block viewing invoices and the annual statement for the non-contract parent. For all other parts of the parent app, it is not possible to make a distinction in rights between parents within the account. Both parents always have equal rights in the system.