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Terms and conditions

As a member of the Trade association Social Childcare, KinderRijk is obliged to apply the general conditions of the branch. You can view the General Terms and Conditions for Childcare here. KinderRijk also applies Additional Terms and Conditions.

Childcare Act

The Childcare Act regulates the quality and financing of childcare in the Netherlands. The law has two main objectives: ensuring adequate quality and guaranteeing the accessibility of childcare.

The government has determined minimum quality requirements. These requirements relate to the participation of parents via parent committees, training requirements for staff, safety and health, accommodation and design of the childcare locations, the size of the groups and the number of employees per group, the pedagogical policy and practice, and the complaints procedure for parents and parent participation. Supervision of compliance with the law has been placed with Public Health Service (GGD).


Childcare allowance is a contribution from the government to the costs incurred by parents for childcare. Parents can receive childcare allowance if they use a registered childcare facility or a registered childminder who is affiliated with a registered childminder agency. There are conditions attached to the right to childcare allowance. The tax authorities will pay the allowance.

Childcare register

To be eligible for childcare allowance, a child must be looked after at a registered childcare center. All locations of KinderRijk are registered and included in the National Register of Childcare and Preschools for Children (LRKP).

*The additional conditions apply only to parents with an agreement signed before March 1, 2023