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Kindercampus King - Jongetje in hutje Kindercampus King - natuurtuin met bloem
”We give children space to grow, explore and develop in their own way and at their own pace.”

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Why KinderRijk?

  • Fun is key!

    Everything starts with fun here at KinderRijk. Children who have fun feel at home, feel safe, tend to be open to others and have a wider focus, they will go play and go on an exploration.

  • Respect for nature & each other!

    We take a sustainable view of the world and the development of our children and staff. Children start to care for our planet and each other in a natural and playful way.

  • Playful Development

    By exploring together, children grow with regard to independence, perseverance, flexibility and in showing spirit. Together, we enjoy the special moments every day: from rolling over for the first time to toddler friendships and to reaching the highest branch of a tree.

  • Growing with Imagination!

    In your imagination, you can do anything! By immersing yourself in fantasy, you learn to process and deal with experience and emotions. You can fly, swim in a pool full of choclate custard or turn sand into magic dust. Anything goes, within KinderRijk’s safe world.

Who are we?

  • We are KinderRijk

    Education and its quality is a prominent element at Stichting KinderRijk. For over 50 years, we have been committed to providing the best childcare for every child. With approximately 600 employees at some 40 locations, we…
    About KinderRijk
  • Our take on children

    We provide care to your child(ren) with much love and above all, with much educational knowledge. KinderRijk provides a complementary environment to home and school, full of opportunities. We ensure that children develop…
    Our take on children
  • Onze aanpak - baby

    Our line of approach

    Four guiding principles are used at KinderRijk: Fun, Respect, Development and Imagination. These four principles form the basis for our daily actions.
    Our line of approach
  • Onze aanpak

    Our take on sustainability

    Everything we do is for now and for the future. A sustainable view of the world comes natural to a sector concerned with the well-being and development of children. KinderRijk believes it can play a vital role in this.
  • Gezonde voeding

    Our take on nutrition

    Healthy food is about much more than what is actually on the plate. It’s also about education: getting children really interested in eating healthy food. Mealtimes are social events where we encourage interaction…
    Healthy and vegetarian
Exploring at KinderRijk

Exploring at KinderRijk

At KinderRijk, we encourage children in many ways to discover the world around them. We give children space to say what they like and what they believe is important. We anticipate to this with our range of activities.

Parents’ share

  • “Our son (almost 2) has been attending Wimbledonpark for over a year now, It’s wonderful to see how much he enjoys it and the progress he’s made. The mixed-age group creates a dynamic environment where he can learn from the older children. The staff members are very friendly, seem knowledgeable and caring, and appear to genuinely enjoy their work.”

  • “The Piet Hein day-care location is fabulous. Good educational view, focused on the child, caring educational staff, creative activities. They use clear and open communication and photos and stories are sent through the app. Our son (6 months) always enjoys it very much.”

  • “Esmee (almost 8 years old) enjoys going to after-school care. At after-school care Orion, she can play to her heart’s content, indoors and outdoors! There is plenty of room for her own input and creativity.”

  • “We feel very comfortable at the Maalderij. Our son (2) receives loving care. The staff are friendly and help with sharing their thoughts and knowledge about parenting.
    We regularly receive really nice photos showing our son enjoying himself, something we highly value.”

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