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King - Moestuin
King - Moestuin


A sustainable view of the world fits a sector concerned with the well-being and development of children. KinderRijk believes it has an influential task in this area. As a partner involved in the development of (young) children, it is essential that we set a good example by paying much attention to sustainable solutions. We do so by being as sustainable as possible ourselves. We also want children to develop care for our planet naturally through fun and play.

Everything we do is for now, soon and later

KinderRijk is based on the following principles:

  • we always make choices based on respect for nature, the environment, society and future generations;
  • when purchasing products, we opt for sustainable quality and/or used alternatives;
  • our activities contribute to the ecological awareness of children, parents and staff;
  • KinderRijk’s management strives to balance economic, ecological and social interests.

In the daily range of activities that we provide, our staff use many moments to reflect with the children on what is sustainable and how everyone can contribute to a healthy living environment, at present and in the future. We will explain this with some examples:

Baby met toetsenbord

Free materials

At KinderRijk, we use free materials where we can. Two birds with one stone: it is sustainable and it stimulates creativity. Branches, for example, are multifunctional. You can lug and build with them, they can be swords or horses. A tower can be created from sand or sand can be used as an ingredient for witch soup. You can draw and dig in sand. With some imagination and creativity, material that by itself is not really anything can become something. Not a seesaw on an asphalt terrain, but your feet in the clay. Making a mess, getting dirty.

Nature gardens/experiencing nature – Rich play environment

At KinderRijk, we explore nature for a greater understanding and respect for nature. We create nature gardens where possible and try to imitate a piece of wilderness. In spring, we plant seeds in a vegetable garden. We watch the plants grow and the children harvest them by themselves. To them it’s fascinating: pulling roots out of the ground and eating them for lunch. This is not only educational, it also encourages healthy eating. Self-picked tomatoes that have turned beautifully red are delicious. Herbs, each with their own special scent, make macaroni even more tasty. We start small and create a great effect.


Year-round outdoor play

Outdoor play means freedom, movement, being adventurous, discovery, but above all nature and creativity. KinderRijk believes children should play outside a great deal. It’s a good learning environment and exercise is healthy for all ages. Rain or shine, at KinderRijk we go outside all year round. Feel, taste and smell. After all, every season has its special appeal. We experience this outside and we talk about it in the group and read about the seasons in books.

Healthy food

We take a conscious approach to nutrition. It’s not just about what’s on the plate, we want to get children really interested in healthy eating. We provide knowledge of nature and an understanding of where our food comes from through various activities. Ecological awareness creates the foundation for how children view life. That’s why at KinderRijk we choose vegetarian, ecologically responsible products of the season for the hot lunches and snacks. In this way, we contribute to reducing water use, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.

Gezonde voeding

Social role

KinderRijk is a foundation and believes in pursuing a social mission. That is why we are a member of Branchevereniging Maatschappelijke Kinderopvang (BMK) (Social Child Care Sector Association). Our policies are based on high-quality childcare, not on price, profit or quantity. We ensure a healthy management, with profits benefiting childcare for all children.

Sustainable policy

Sustainable considerations and actions are increasingly the norm at KinderRijk. Not only in the day-care centres, but also in our business operations. We pay attention to energy consumption, we use environmentally-friendly resources and materials, and we reuse and recycle as much as possible. We encourage employees to cycle to work using lease bikes and a bicycle plan. And we use as little paper and plastics as possible, which is why we prefer to communicate electronically.