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Participation at KinderRijk

Both the children and the parents have a say at KinderRijk. For the children, participation is facilitated through KinderRijk Children’s Council. Parents have a strong voice through the Parent Committee, the Central Parent Council or through BOinK. 

The Children’s Council

At KinderRijk, we believe that we need to know what’s on children’s minds, listen to what concerns them and that children’s voices must be heard. Their opinions count! That’s why we have set up the KinderRijk Children’s Council. 

The Children’s Council is made up of children from the age of 8, who are placed at an after-school care of KinderRijk. The children of the Children’s Council represent KinderRijk’s after-school care children. They bring the ideas, desires, needs and concerns of the children at their locations to the Children’s Council. The Children’s Council meets once a year. At the Children’s Council, the members discuss with the director of KinderRijk all kinds of topics that are relevant to them. This allows them to have their voices heard and to help discuss and decide on important issues. 

The Parent Committee

Each KinderRijk location has a Parent Committee of its own. The Parent Committee is made up of parents of children who attend the location in question. The committee looks after the interests of parents and children by contributing ideas on the day-to-day running of the location.  The Childcare Act has stipulated by law that every childcare location must have a parent committee of its own. Further information on the Parent Committee

Central Parent Council

In addition to the local parent committees, KinderRijk has a Central Parent Committee: the Central Parent Council. The Central Parent Council is a discussion partner for the Board of Directors on topics of interest to all the parents and children within the organisation. The aim is to continuously improve the quality of the care offered. Further information about the Central Parent Council.