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KinderRijk - Jongetjes peelt met auto
KinderRijk - Jongetjes peelt met auto

Childcare costs

We provide affordable and high-quality childcare to our clients. We do not pursue profit; our mission is to make proper childcare widely accessible. Our rates are all-in rates. This means that you will not be faced with unexpected costs. You can use our handy calculator tool to quickly work out what your monthly costs of childcare will be.

All-in rates

Our rates are all-inclusive. For example, nappies and food* are included. We also offer (hot) lunches, fresh fruit, dairy and healthy snacks for your child. Music and dance lessons, activities and outings are also included in the rate. All the forms of care we provide have different rates..

Type of careHourly rate KinderRijk 2023Hourly rate KinderRijk 2024
Day care€ 10.20€ 10.92
Preschool€ 10.50€ 11.25
After-school€ 8.76€ 9.38
Before school care€ 8.76 € 9.38

Calculation tool

Calculate your monthly childcare costs with our handy calculator tool.

The result reflects the amount you pay yourself. No rights can be derived from calculations using the calculation tool.