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KinderRijk collaborates with various parties in many areas. This enables us to continuously meet the needs of parents and (continue to) offer quality standards. First of all, we concluded covenants with a number of educational organisations to allow children aged 0 to 13 to develop in the most effective and favourable way. In addition, we collaborate with local parties in the fields of music, dance, culture, sports and play games in order to provide the most attractive and varied range of activities. Good forms of collaboration are moreover being maintained with municipalities, care institutions and organisations with a specific focus on the sector.  


KinderRijk concluded a covenant with its education partners Amstelwijs and Onderwijsgroep Amstelland. We undertake to be committed to a common vision, where we work together as equal partners.

We are also involved in Educational Studies at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and the Educational Work training course at the ROC. Within these partnerships, we share views and ideas on the content of the courses. In this way, we are working together on improving the link-up between the practical professional field and the study programme, and contribute to the preparation of our future employees. 

City of Amstelveen

The partnership with the City of Amstelveen is also essential to us. We work closely together to continuously maintain and improve high-quality childcare. 

Culture and sports

KinderRijk is always actively trying to find locations where children have room to play, explore and go outside. Various clubs and sports associations at Amstelveen share their facilities with us, which allows us to offer fun activities for children of all ages at the after-school care locations.

AmstelveenSport is one of the organisations that supports us and provides us with knowledge, contacts and sports facilities. Since 2023, KinderRijk has been in a partnership with AmstelveenSport. Together, we apply the Athletics Skills Model: a scientifically and practice-based model with ten basic forms of movement. These basic forms are the building blocks for the most effective motor development.

Voetballende kinderen bij BSO Orion

Child Care Sector

Besides several local partnerships and education, we are associated with a mixed number of sector organisations and activities. This benefits us through sharing experience, conducting the social debate on childcare and the pursuit of quality in childcare.  

KIK (Quality in Childcare)

KIK is an association in which 13 regional and national childcare organisations invest in the quality of and the social debate on childcare. KIK aims to improve the position of social childcare.

BOinK (Parent Association in Childcare)

Boink is the advocacy association of parents in childcare that improves and supports the position of parents in childcare.

Branchevereniging Maatschappelijke Kinderopvang (Social Child Care Sector Assocation)

Branchevereniging Maatschappelijke Kinderopvang is a sector association for childcare organisations with sound and solid business operations where profits benefit the care for all children.


BDKO is the national professional association for childcare directors. Sharing experience and making the most of contacts with fellow members are the basis for success.

Childcare Expertise Centre

The Childcare Educational Quality Expertise Centre is engaged in the improvement of the educational level in childcare in the interest of the developing child.

Childcare Leading Group

The Childcare Leading Group advocates appropriate facilities for children aged 0 to 13, where collaboration among the partners in education, youth aid, childcare and the municipalities are crucial and in the best interests of the children.