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KinderRijk seminar day: Moving forward together

13 April 2023

Our staff regularly receive training courses and we organise an annual seminar day to enable the staff to keep abreast of educational developments. This year, the theme of the seminar day was ‘Moving forward together’. After all, we do parenting ‘Together’. This means cooperation between the educational professional and the parent as well as cooperation among colleagues.gogisch professional en ouder, maar ook samenwerking tussen collega’s onderling.

The seminar day featured plenary lectures and sub-sessions on various topics. For example, with musical support from our colleague Bob, Professor Doctor Erik Scherder gave a lecture entitled ‘Enrich the child brain’. outer de Jong gave the lecture ‘Mindgym: Gym for your mind’. The sub-sessions covered topics such as communication with children, encouragement of play related to the play worlds, preparing children for a green future, conducting child-handover talks with parents, cultural diversity, on an exploration of the garden and job satisfaction.

In addition to the specific aspects of expertise advancement, the seminar day was also a day for making connections and meeting, staff were treated to a good lunch with musical interludes in between.

In short, a successful and inspiring day of educational augmentation, development and fun, with a plethora of new knowledge and ideas.