Early childhood education (VVE)

Toddler care is ideally suited for children with an Early Childhood Education (VVE) indication. You need a statement from the GGD for this, which can be obtained from the consultation office. If you have the required document, your child will be given priority on the registration list.
The VVE toddler program is a program that offers children extras in the language field and is a good preparation for primary education. The VVE toddler program is offered at least for 16 hours a week.

We work with a VVE program at the following KinderRijk locations:


There is room for every child. We follow everyone’s natural need to eat, move, play and discover. We guide your child in his or her development with the VVE toddler program “Uk & Puk” and playfully prepare them for primary school. In order to ensure that the ongoing development line to primary school runs as smoothly as possible, the toddler program focuses on the development areas: social-emotional development, language and speech development, cognitive development and motor development. Targets have been set for these four development areas in line with primary education. We observe the well-being and development of the children with the help of a child monitoring system.

Subsidy for 40 weeks of childcare

The municipality grants KinderRijk a subsidy for offering the VVE toddler program for 40 weeks a year. This means that we only offer childcare during school weeks (40 weeks per year). Kindercampus Zuidas offers childcare for 51 weeks on an annual basis.

Do you have any questions? Call or email the Child Planning department on 020 – 426 08 66 or kindplanning@kinderrijk.nl.

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