Closed days

Our childcare facilities are open throughout the year except on the following days:


1 January 2023 New Year’s Day
4 April 2023 KinderRijk Studydag
10 April 2023 Second easter day
27 April 2023 King’s Day
18 May 2023 Ascension Day
29 May 2023 Whit Monday
25 December 2023 Christmas Day
26 December 2023 Boxing Day

After-school care during school holidays and scheduled days off from school

The KinderRijk after-school care locations are open during school holidays from 08.15 am to 6.30 pm, with the exception of the above-mentioned closing days. If the school is closed due to a schedule-free and/or study day, the after-school care is also open all day. We call this extra opening up. When children are deregistered, this gives room for other children to come extra on this day by registering. You can deregister for these days via the parent app/web portal.

Toddler care during school weeks and school holidays

The KinderRijk toddler care locations offer care during 40 school weeks, with the exception of the above-mentioned closing days. The toddler care locations are also closed during school holidays.

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