Updated parent app

KinderRijk makes use of Konnect’s parent app. Konnect has recently been working on updates in the parent app. Although the layout of the parent app has been completely updated, the app retains its familiar features.


What’s new?

When you open the parent app, a timeline immediately shows up. This timeline shows the daily reports and photos of your child(ren). The features of “My child”, “Mailbox”, “Agenda”, “My location” and “Misc” can be used to view and/or change various aspects. See this manual for more information about the new features.


Effective date of the updated parent app

The updated parent app can be downloaded from 17 June 2019! Go to the app or play store and download the Konnect parent app. Once the app has been downloaded, you only need to enter the login details once. Click here for more login information

The current parent app will no longer be available from 1 September.