Types of childcare in the Netherlands

At KinderRijk we offer a wide variety of childcare. Below a summery of the different types.

Day care (KDV)
Time: 08:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Age: 0-4 years
Children up to four years old can be looked after in one of our 14 day care centers. Some locations have special groups for babies or toddlers (horizontal groups); others combine the two age groups (vertical groups). We give your child a safe and trusted environment either way, with a transparent and bright layout.

Half day care (HDO)
Time: 08:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Age: 2-4 years
Whether you work or not, if you think it’s important that your child gets to know other children, develops socially and gets ready for primary school, then one of our eight play groups might be a good solution for you. For two or more mornings a week, children aged between two and four years old learn together and develop through play.

Early Childhood Education at HDO (VVE)
Playgroup is particularly suitable for children with a referral for Early Childhood Education (VVE). Sometimes parents get a preschool indication from the maternity consultation clinic or toddler clinic (GGD). For instance, if you or your partner do not speak Dutch, your child may be eligible for Early Childhood Education. Once you have the necessary documentation, your child will, if applicable, be given priority on the playgroup’s waiting list. We offer this VVE program at 4 locations.

After school care (BSO)
Time: Adjusted to school opening hours
Age: 4-12 years
Even as your child gets older, play remains the most ideal way of developing and shaping a character. Each of the centers is linked to a primary school in Amstelveen or Amsterdam, and is often even located in the same building.

Age: 0-12 years
When you want your child to be looked after in a family environment while you are at work, either in your own home or at a childminders home, then our childminding services are what you need. Childminders provide small-scale, flexible child care, on any day of the week. If you have more than one child, then childminding in your own home is the obvious choice. However, taking your child to the childminder’s home has the advantage that at the end of your working day, you’ll find your own home in exactly the same state you left it!

What are the fees for childcare?

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