Reporting absence

If due to illness, holidays or another reason, your child is unable to come to the care centre, you are kindly asked to use the parent app/parent portal to report your child’s absence. The group will promptly receive your notice. This is really useful, as you no longer need to send emails or make telephone calls.

Timely notice

If you report your child(ren) absent by noon on the day beforehand, the absence is automatically converted into credit points. These credit points can be used to request an extra day to compensate the absence. The credit points will only be accumulated if you register the absence by yourself in the parent app/web portal.

Useful to know

  • One whole day-care day is 2 points, one afternoon in after-school care and one morning in toddler care is 1 point.
  • Public holidays are not included in the scheme and so no credit points are accumulated.
  • Absence is not deducted on the invoice.
  • If you have reported your child absent for a certain day, and subsequently it appears that you need to use this care day after all, you can sign your child on again for this day by requesting an extra day.

Should you need further information about credit points? Click here!

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