Frequently Asked Questions parent app

If you have any questions with regard to the KinderRijk parent app, please check out the questions below and find the answer to your question. If your question isn’t there, don’t hesitate to contact the Child Planning department at or on 020 426 08 66. We’ll be pleased to help!


  • Why does KinderRijk have a parent app/parent portal?

Quality and fun childcare has top priority at KinderRijk. This is an aspect we put a great deal of effort in every day. We also endeavour to optimise our communication with the parents. This is where the KinderRijk parent app/web portal comes in. It’s used to give you an ongoing update on your child’s experiences with us at the care centre.

  • I’m having problems with the KinderRijk parent app. What can I do?

In this case we advise you to remove the app from the device and reinstall it. The issue may be that you’re still running an older version of the app. Updating the operating system of the device on which the app is running can also help.

Logging in

  • How do I receive a password?

You will automatically receive a password by e-mail through the provider of the KinderRijk parent app, Konnect. Have you forgotten your password? Then you can request a new one via the ‘forgot password’ button on the app or in the parent portal.

  • Is it possible that I have not received an e-mail with login details?

If you have not received an e-mail with login details, please check your spam box first. If you find the e-mail there, please add the sender to ‘safe senders’. That way you won’t miss out on important information in the future. If the e-mail is not in your spam box either, your e-mail address may not be correctly registered in our database. In that case, please contact the Child Planning department at or on 020 426 08 66.

  • I’m unable to log in, what could be the cause?

Go through the following steps:

  1. Have you forgotten your password? Go to Click on ‘Password forgotten?’ Enter the requested information. The system then automatically sends an e-mail with instructions to the e-mail address known in our system that is linked to the relevant user name.
  2. Are you using an old browser? The portal works best via Chrome or Firefox.
  3. No spaces must be entered in the user name or password.

Are you still unable to log in after completing the above steps? Please contact the Child Planning department at or on 020 426 08 66

  • My partner and I would both like to create an account. Is this possible?

Yes, provided you have a different e-mail address. Then you can log in under your own account. You will also receive the e-mails at your own e-mail address. Note: every account must have a unique e-mail address.

  • Can I lock certain functions for one of the parents?

It’s currently not possible to make a distinction in parents’ rights within one account. Both parents always have equal rights in the system.

  • Can you also allow grandparents access?

For privacy purposes, it’s not possible to enter more than two e-mail addresses.


  • Where can I view my details?

Under ‘My data’ you can view the details associated with your account. Here you find your username, you can change the password and see at what locations your children go to childcare.

  • Where can I find the KinderRijk contact details?

Under ‘Contact’ in the app you will find the details of KinderRijk. In this screen it’s possible to contact the group directly by telephone. You can do so by clicking the orange telephone.

Notebook, photos and notes

  • Can I download the notebook?

Yes you can. The notebook and photos can be downloaded via the web version (

  • What is KinderRijk’s photo policy?

Photos of your child are shared via the parent app/portal with the parents of children shown on the photo that features your child. We deliberately made no links to social media. It’s therefore not possible to directly post photos on for example Facebook. Before using the app/portal we will ask your permission regarding the use of visual material. Here you can read what such permission entails.

  • Can parents adapt ‘relevant child notes’ (such as allergies) by themselves?

Child notes cannot be created or adjusted, but you’ll be able to read what notes have been recorded. Changes to a child note are crucial and you’re therefore able to pass any changes on to a staff member of the group through a message in the parent app or verbally.

  • Why do I not immediately receive a response to my message?

Care for the children takes priority at all times above answering messages received via the parent app. Obviously we always attempt to answer in good time if the situation so requires. If you have an urgent message or in case of an emergency, you’re kindly asked to give us a call.

Reporting absence

  • How do I report my child’s absence?

In the menu, go to ‘Absence’. You now enter the screen of all absence reported. If you wish to report an absence, click on ‘Reporting absent’ at the bottom of the screen. This takes you to a new screen, where you can indicate for which child and what date you wish to report the absence. You’ll also be asked for the reason of the absence. You may add a note in the text box.

  • What happens once I’ve reported my child absent?

Points are automatically recorded in the app/parent portal. Points are accumulated when your child is timely reported absent (up to 6.30 pm on the day beforehand), which may be used to compensate absence. The points can only be used if the group size, the professional staff/child ratio and the group composition allow for this. Points will only be accumulated if you record the absence through the parent app/web portal by yourself.

Extra care

  • How do I request extra care days?

Extra care days or part of a day can be requested through the parent app/portal. Parents may choose to either use their points or to be charged an extra day.

  • How do I pay the costs of extra care?

The costs of extra care are automatically invoiced. You will find this in your monthly invoice.


  • How do points work?

We use points in the parent app/web portal, which allow you to request an extra day or days. The points will be valid for 3 months. Please go here for further details.

Privacy and safety

  • How about my child’s privacy?

We highly value your child’s privacy. Your child’s privacy is therefore guaranteed within the parent app and the parent portal. You can only see the details of your own child. The security of all data and the internet traffic is organised through the same methods as for example for internet banking.

  • Is the parent app safe?

The provider of the parent app offers a safe and protected environment to share information with the parents. They maintained high standards on security in the development of the parent app. This enables us, within the organisation, to decide which parents and staff have access to certain information. Besides, all information is securely stored.