KinderRijk parent app

Quality and fun childcare has top priority at KinderRijk. This is an aspect we put a great deal of effort in every day. We also endeavour to optimise our communication with the parents. We try to give you the best possible impression of your child’s activities and experience during a day at KinderRijk. This is where the KinderRijk parent app/web portal comes in.

With the KinderRijk parent app, you will still be close to your child when he or she is at the care centre. View photos and messages in the app on your mobile phone, tablet or via the parent portal on your PC and stay connected with all your child’s experiences at the care centre. It will also be easy for you to send a message to your child’s group.

Jongetje laat de KinderRijk ouderapp zien

Advantages of the app:

  • Stay up to date, always and everywhere!
  • Follow your child’s developments in a digital notebook
  • Directly receive photos from your child
  • Send and receive messages about your child
  • Read the latest news on the app
  • Request extra daysreport your child ill or notify us of holidays

Personal contacts with the parents will obviously always be key for us. Communication through our app will not in any way replace any personal contacts. At most, there will be additional contact moments!


Is something not clear to you? Please take a look at the frequently asked questions. If you can’t find your question, please contact our Child Planning department at or on 020 426 08 66.