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What contact moments are there between parents and KinderRijk?

Having good contacts with the parents enhances the quality of childcare. Each location has its own identity, which is reflected in the furnishings, atmosphere, appearance and activities at the location. The same applies to the parent contacts, with informal and formal contact moments.

Informal parent contacts

The most common informal parent contact is the daily drop-off and pick-up moment. Or festive gatherings and the Parent App, where information for parents and the children’s activities and adventures are added.

Formal parent contacts: parent conversations

Using a digital child-monitoring system, our staff observe how your child is doing and how he or she is developing during care. Every year, we have a ten-minute meeting with all parents who wish to have one, when we discuss the findings of these observations. We also check whether your impression of your child’s well-being matches ours. If this is not the case, or if you or the educational staff believe this can be improved, we will discuss what to do to improve the situation.

Progress and final interview

In addition to this annual parent meeting, a parent meeting can take place at any time at the request of the parent and/or staff member. We also offer a concluding interview at the end of childcare.

Parents’ evenings

Parent evenings are intended for all parents who use childcare at KinderRijk. Sometimes these are organised for the entire location and sometimes for the entire KinderRijk organisation.

This may involve:

  • A general informative meeting at which, for example, we provide information about developments at the location or organisation, or at which we cover a topic of strong parental interest.
  • Theme meeting, where we discuss a current topic.
  • Informal parent network meeting, where you have the opportunity to meet other parents, sometimes combined with (the preparation of) a party.