How does the familiarisation period work?

During the familiarisation period, we take the time to get to know you and your child and to help you get used to the new situation. Familiarisation requires a custom approach, adjusted to the development phase of children and to the specific needs and habits of children and parents. We want to be able to pay sufficient attention to this and maintain the peace in the group. Therefore, only one child that’s going through their familiarisation period will be present at the same time. The same goes for parents.

We connect with your child as much as possible. The pedagogical staff take a good look at what is best for your child during the first days and discuss this with you. The following points apply:

  • The familiarisation period starts on the first day of the contract.
  • The familiarisation period is built up in phases.
  • During the familiarisation period, children will attend at least twice.
  • Agreements about familiarisation days (start and end time) are established in advance. Agreements about the familiarisation period can be adjusted in consultation.
  • As a parent you also have a role during the familiarisation period (getting used to the new situation). If you are not available during the entire familiarisation period to actively supervise the adjustment, you can indicate that another person who is familiar with the child is available.
  • You can always contact the group to ask how your child is doing.

When transferring to a different group within the same location, we also carefully consider how the transfer to the new group matches your child as well as possible. The pedagogical staff member of your own group will guide your child through the internal transition.