Day of the Pre-School (Amsterdam)

This year, the municipality of Amsterdam is again organizing the Dag van de Voorschool (Day of the Pre-School). On April 14 between 10.00 am and 12.00 pm you can take a look at pre-schools in your area during the online Dag van de Voorschool. KinderRijk takes part in the Dag van de Voorschool with the locations HDO IJdoorn and HDO Kindercampus Zuidas. You can also chat with employees of the municipality of Amsterdam if you have questions about, for example, the costs for pre-school.

What is the Preschool, and what will I be able to do?

Simply go to and find out what a preschool is. The website features film clips of a large number of preschools. The clips take you on a guided tour of the preschools, so
you can see what they look like on the inside. You can decide yourself which preschools you view. During each guided tour, you will not only gain an impression of the preschools, you will also find
information about what they cost. If you would like to view a preschool ‘live’, then you can do so on 14 April by starting a video chat with the preschool in question. You can also chat live with employees of the municipality of Amsterdam if you have any questions. Has your child reached the age of one year? If so, you can enrol him or her straight away.

Going to preschool is very important for children

Every child deserves the opportunity to develop as much as possible. Preschools are an excellent way of helping them do this. Children can go to preschool from the age of two. They play and learn
with other children there. They sing, draw, exercise, and develop their language skills. Preschools are a good way of preparing for primary school.

How do you participate?

Go to on April 14 between 10:00 and 12:00. You can then participate immediately!


Poster dag van de voorschool