Corona virus

Update: January 18, 2020

On this page you will find information for parents about the closure of childcare as a result of the corona measures. This information comes from the website of the national government and is regularly updated.

We can imagine that the situation regarding the corona virus raises questions for you. We have therefore set up a list of frequently asked questions.



Childcare (daycare and after-school care) and primary education will be closed up to and including 7 February. Emergency care is available for certain groups of children at daycare and at school. Parents are asked to continue paying the bill. For this they receive an allowance that more or less matches their own contribution. The closure means you do not have to adjust your childcare allowance. All parents must ensure that their normal details for the childcare allowance are correct with the Tax Authorities. For example their contract hours or income.


Emergency care

Childcare organizations and primary schools offer emergency care for:

  • children of whom one or both parents work in a crucial profession;
  • children for whom special problems or a difficult home situation require customization.

Emergency care provided by a childcare organization is only available to children of parents who have a contract with the childcare and for the number of hours agreed in the contract. Note: this is different from the situation in the spring. Do you work in a crucial profession and do you want to make use of extra childcare during regular opening hours? In this case, contact your childcare organization to see if additional billing is required.

For more information, see the page about emergency care.

Childcare closed
The measure is aimed at limiting the number of contact moments and travel movements of parents and thus reducing the number of times the virus spreads. The basic principle is that everyone stays at home and works from home as much as possible. Closing childcare contributes to this.

Childcare does not close because of the contamination risks in childcare. This is because young children have a limited role in the spread of the corona virus.

Opening times schools
The basic principle is that schools adhere to their regular teaching times when providing emergency accommodation. In doing so, they take into account any necessary staggered times to bring and collect children. This is to ensure sufficient distance between adults. The BSO is open during the regular opening hours of the BSO. The school is responsible for a good connection to the BSO and makes agreements about this with the BSO locations.



Rules if children have (cold) complaints
Information on when children can or cannot go to childcare can be found on the FAQ page families with children and quarantine.

Children belonging to the risk group

  • Children with underlying medical problems do not appear to be at greater risk of a serious course of COVID-19 than healthy children.
  • If parents are unsure whether their child can go to school, daycare or after-school care, it is wise to consult the attending (pediatric) doctor and the school management.
  • If a family member is in the risk group and is under specialist treatment, discuss with the doctor and school management whether the child can attend school.

Rules for children who have been abroad
Has a family been in a risk area? Then everyone stays at home (in quarantine) for 10 days. Children up to the age of 12 are allowed to go to school, sports and childcare, as long as they have no complaints.

Rules for parents who have been abroad
Parents who come back from a country with an orange or red travel advice due to corona are quarantined for 10 days. They must therefore stay at home and are not allowed to come to childcare. They will have to ask others for possible delivery and collection of children.

Testing children for corona virus
Parents of children up to and including 12 years old are requested to have their children tested if they have Covid-19 symptoms. Children who are being tested stay at home until the results are known. On the page testing for corona you will find more information about testing.

Protocol for childcare and childminders
The Childcare Protocol states which measures employees and childminders must take. For example when it comes to safety and hygiene. The childcare protocol is regularly adapted to new developments or insights.

Complaints implementation protocol at my childcare
In case of complaints about the implementation of the Childcare Protocol, parents can contact the childcare organization or the parents’ committee. Every childcare organization has a complaints protocol stating how they handle complaints.

Parents can also report (serious) signals where there is an immediate danger to the local GGD. GGDs supervise childcare.


Childcare costs and allowance personal contribution

All parents who usually use childcare and who continue to pay their bill in full, will receive an allowance for their personal contribution. Sometimes the allowance is higher or lower than the personal contribution paid. This is partly because the allowance is calculated with the maximum hourly rate. The allowance applies to all types of formal childcare. Parents with crucial professions also receive an allowance. They can make use of childcare.

The conditions of the allowance are different for 3 groups of parents:

1. Parents who make use of the childcare allowance

Parents who receive a childcare allowance for the costs of childcare (up to the maximum hourly rate will receive an allowance for their own contribution. This applies to all formal care: daycare, out-of-school care and childminder care.

The Social Insurance Bank (SVB) will pay the allowance to parents (just as it was closed last spring). Parents automatically receive this allowance on their account and do not have to apply for it themselves. The date for this is not yet known.

Check data from the tax authorities
The closure means you do not have to adjust your childcare allowance. It is, however, always important to keep your childcare allowance information about your normal use up to date with the tax authorities. For example, if the number of hours in your contract or your income changes.

Pay the invoice
You must pay the childcare invoice, otherwise you will no longer receive a supplement. If parents do not continue to pay the invoice, the right to childcare supplement will lapse for the period to which the invoice relates. The supplement will then be adjusted downwards.

2. Parents who make use of a scheme subsidized by the municipalities

These parents receive an allowance through the municipalities (possibly through the childcare provider).

3. Parents who make use of childcare without government compensation

These parents also receive an allowance for the costs of childcare up to the maximum hourly rate. New information about this scheme will follow as soon as possible and will be published here.


Childcare allowance

Report changes to the Tax Authorities
As always, it is important to keep the data up to date. You do not need to report changes that specifically relate to this closure of the childcare.

NOW scheme and entitlement to childcare allowance
Parents who use the NOW retain the right to childcare allowance.

Influence of hours worked on the amount of childcare allowance
Are you working fewer hours due to the corona virus? This does not affect the amount of your childcare allowance. In 2020, the number of hours for which you are entitled to childcare allowance will be maintained. If your income is lower as a result, please report this to the Tax Authorities.

Reimbursement of personal contribution closing March-June 2020
At the (partial) closure of the childcare from March 16 to June 7, 2020, parents received a contribution towards the personal contribution. Most parents received this allowance from the SVB around 8 July 2020. Some of the parents received (a supplement to) the allowance around 7 October.

Some of the parents make use of childcare that is subsidized by the municipality, such as subsidized toddler care, preschool education or childcare due to a socio-medical indication. These parents have received a childcare allowance through their childcare organization or the municipality. The municipalities have received extra funds from the national government for this.

There is also an allowance for parents who did not receive a childcare allowance or who do not fall under a municipal scheme. The measure is currently being developed. New information about this scheme will follow as soon as possible and will be published here.


Information and contact

For information that cannot be found on this website, we would like to refer you:

  • Information on the coronavirus, its spread and prevention measures: RIVM website or by phone on 0800 – 1351.
  • Questions about the coronavirus in relation to your personal health situation or that of your child: your own family doctor.
  • For other questions regarding childcare, please contact your location manager.