Corona virus

The government has adopted a sector plan in consultation with the childcare sector. The plan is based on the intention to keep the sector open and to limit damage by increasing flexibility. We have translated the sector plan into a plan of action for KinderRijk. We will use this to be well prepared and avoid uncertainty where possible in advance. We observe the guidelines and measures of the Local Health Authority/government in the action plan.

Use the decision tree on the Boink website (only in Dutch) to determine whether your child can go to childcare. Also read the page Rules families with children after positive corona (self) test of the government whether your child can go to childcare.

More general information about Coronavirus COVID-19 can be found on the website of the national government.

On the page Corona and childcare costs your will read more information about the childcare allowance and the contribution towards the costs of childcare during the closure.

You can always contact your location manager or our Child Planning department on 020 426 08 66. We are happy to help you!