Update 7 April 2020

On 15 March 2020, the government decided that schools and childcare will remain closed until 6 April. An exception will be made for children whose parents perform vital professions. The same applies to single-parent families where the parent has a vital occupation.

Emergency care

We have been providing emergency care for a few weeks now, which is childcare in day-care and after-school care locations that we offer to children of employees in key and vital professions. These children have always been in our groups because they are our clients, but there are also children who are not clients with us. As these parents have vital professions and are now called upon, and their social network is currently often unavailable, we are pleased to be able to offer them help with care.

Fortunately, we are assisted in after-school care by teachers who provide educational guidance at agreed times. For the children it is a great solution that schoolwork can be done in emergency-care time, which relieves the parents and gives the children some structure throughout the day.

We also provide emergency care to children with a social-medical referral. These children need even more support and extra attention, and parents from these families need an extra hand with this.

We understand that this new situation may also raise financial questions. State Secretary of Finance (Allowances and Customs) Van Huffelen and State Secretary of Social Affairs and Employment Van Ark have reported that parents who are temporarily unable to bring their child(ren) to childcare due to the Corona crisis, but who have paid the bill, will get their money back. This also applies to parents who are now doing crucial work. We will inform you as soon as it is clear how this will be arranged.

Frequently asked questions

We have set up a list of questions frequently asked. Click here for the list of frequently asked questions.

Information and contact

For information that cannot be found on this website, we would like to refer you:

  • Information on the coronavirus, its spread and prevention measures: RIVM website or by phone on 0800 – 1351.
  • Questions about the coronavirus in relation to your personal health situation or that of your child: your own family doctor.
  • For other questions, please contact your location manager.