Toddler care for ages 2 to 4

At KinderRijk, we offer children aged 2 to 4 years toddler care (also known as half day care or HDO). Do you find it important that your child gets to know other children? That it develops socially? That it goes to primary school well prepared? Then toddler care is for you! Children between 2 and 4 years old can go here two or more mornings per week. Together with peers, they learn to develop playfully.

Playing is developing

At KinderRijk, we believe that playing is the way to get a grip on the environment, even for the youngest ones. That is why we give children the space to explore, play and explore their world. In this way they learn to discover and understand the world around them.

In order to give the toddlers the greatest encouragement in all areas of development, we use the programme: Onderbouwd. This is a preschooler method comprised of tangible and preschooler-purpose materials for toddlers to actively use and learn. Every child can work and learn at the level that applies to him or her.

Early childhood education (VVE)

Toddler care (HDO) is also especially suitable for children with with a referral for Early Childhood Education. For example, if you or your partner do not speak Dutch, your child may be eligible for this VVE indication. You need a statement from the Public Health Service (GGD), available from the consultation office. If you have the required document, your child will be given priority on the registration list.

At the toddler care, children (with different backgrounds) visit one or more mornings a week to play with peers. They learn to discover through play, practice the language and become familiar with values ​​and norms. It is often the first place where children play together and develop in a group. This way they can get used to it slowly and soon make the transition to school. Read more about the VVE toddler program.

We work with a VVE program at the following KinderRijk locations:

Your child is welcome from 2.5 years old.


You can register your child for playgroup after their first birthday. For answers to frequently asked questions about playgroups, click here.

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