Toddler care for ages 2 to 4

Half-day toddler care for ages 2 to 4

Whether you work or not, if you think it’s important that your child gets to know other children, develops socially and gets ready for primary school, then you can take them to play group for two or more mornings a week. At KinderRijk, children aged between two and four years old learn together and develop through play. Play is a natural way of finding out about your surroundings, even for the very young. That’s why we give children the space to explore, play and investigate their worlds – with clear daily and weekly routines and a rich variety of activities. At three of our centres in Amstelveen and at our Amsterdam centre, we have places for children with a referral for Early Childhood Education.  In order to give the toddlers the greatest encouragement in all areas of development, we use the programme: Onderbouwd. This is a preschooler method comprised of tangible and preschooler-purpose materials for toddlers to actively use and learn.

Whole-day toddler care for ages 2.5 to 4 at King Children’s Campus

Would you like your child to be well prepared for primary school without switching locations? This opportunity is provided at the PeuterKing toddler group of King Children’s Campus. The group is situated close to the preschooler group. This gives toddlers a chance to become familiar with the preschooler teachers, and moreover, we are using the preschooler method Onderbouwd at this group. It will suitably set your toddler up for primary school and will relieve the toddlers from any stress in the transfer to the preschooler group. Read more about group PeuterKing.

Special toddler programme

KinderRijk offers a special toddler programme, an easily accessible and basic pre-school facility, in the children’s residential environment. Children (of different backgrounds) visit the location one or several mornings a week to play with their peer group. Through play, they learn to explore, practice language and become familiarised with standards and values. This is often the first place where children play together and develop within a group. This enables them to gradually get used to and smoothly transfer to primary school. Further reading is available about the pre-school and early-school toddler programme.

You can register your child for playgroup after their first birthday. For answers to frequently asked questions about playgroups, click here.

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