Affordable, high-quality childcare is what we want to offer our customers. Our rates are lower than the national average. That is because we do not seek profit; it is our mission to make good childcare widely accessible. All forms of childcare that we offer have their own rates. In many cases you will receive a contribution towards the costs from the tax authorities in the form of a childcare allowance. We are happy to give you a complete overview of our rates.


Calculating costs

Calculating the exact costs of childcare can be complicated. You can find out in various ways what the costs of childcare will be for you:

  • With our simple calculation tool you can determine with a few clicks what your monthly costs will be.
  • Below you will find an overview of our rates.
  • If you want more information about our rates, take a look at the frequently asked questions.
  • Do you have any questions? You can also contact the Child Planning department via 020 – 426 08 88 or kindplanning@kinderrijk.nl.

Fees per 1 January 2023

Type of care Hourly rate KinderRijk
Day care € 10.20
Half Day care € 10.50
After-school care € 8.76
Before-school care € 8.76

Your monthly invoice may show rounding differences.