Contact moments

If contacts with parents go well, this increases the quality of the childcare. Each location has its own identity, which is reflected in the decoration, atmosphere, appearance and the activities at the location. This also applies to parent contacts, where there are informal and formal contact moments.

Informal parent contacts

The most common informal contact with parents is the daily delivery and collection time. You can also think of festive gatherings and the information or activity board, where information for parents and the experiences of the children of that day can be found.

Formal parent contacts: parent conversations

10-minute meeting

We regularly perform observations to check the well-being and development of the children during the care-time. It is important to us to discuss the outcome with the parents. During a 10-minute meeting we will use the observation form and your experiences to discuss the well-being of your child at the childcare location. We check whether your impression of your child’s well-being matches ours. If this is not the case, or if you or the pedagogical staff believe that this can be improved, we will discuss what we can do about this.

Progress and exit interview

In addition to this annual so-called “well-being interview”, a parent interview can take place at any time at the request of you and/or the employee. We also offer a final interview at the end of the childcare.

Parent evenings

Parent evenings are intended for all parents who use childcare at KinderRijk. Sometimes this is organized for the entire location, sometimes only for your child’s group.
It can be a:

  • General informative meeting, at which, for example, we provide information about developments within the location or organization, or we deal with a topic that is of great interest to parents.
  • Thematic meeting, where we discuss a current theme.
  • Informal “parent network” meeting, where you have the opportunity to meet other parents, sometimes combined with (the preparation of) a party.

Personal visit?

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