Cancel placement

Do you want to cancel the childcare? Changing the number of placement days or ending the entire childcare must always be done in writing. This can be done by post or by e-mail.

If you cancel the contract for the summer holiday and register your child(ren) after the holiday, we can’t garantuee a place on the same day(s) and in the same  group or location.

Notice period

KinderRijk has a cancellation period of one month for each type of childcare. You can cancel your placement agreement every day. This starts on the day that KinderRijk receives your cancellation in writing. For example: if you cancel your placement agreement on 13 March,  the end date of the agreement will be 12 April. Of course, a later date is also possible. A notice period of one month also applies to changing (reducing) the number of childcare days.

It is not possible to deviate from the cancellation period, this is fixed. You signed for this and it is not flexible. If you have found a place elsewhere within the cancellation period, you can agree with the new organization that the start date will be adjusted to the cancellation period. After all, the start date is flexible!

End of placement agreement

The placement agreement for daycare lasts until the fourth birthday of your child. The agreement for after-school care ends when leaving primary school and lasts until the last day of the summer vacation. If you want a different end date, this is possible. Please contact the Child planning department. Keep in mind there’s a cancellation period of one month.

A possible extension of the placement agreement is on request: you must request this at least six months before the end date. The possibilities depend on availability.

BSO after daycare or preschool

After your child has had a place in a daycare center or toddler care at KinderRijk, you will have priority for a place at the after-school care. KinderRijk offers its customers priority here. Your child is therefore assured of childcare from birth to the end of primary school. This is unique in Amstelveen. After your child has reached the age of three, the Child Planning department will contact you to discuss the choice of school and desired placement days. The BSO location is connected to your school choice.

Changing existing registration

You can report a change to the Child Planning department on telephone number 020 426 08 66 or via You can also change the current placement days in this way. Depending on availability, they will offer your placement on the desired days or place your child on the internal registration list. As a result, your child has priority over children who do not yet attend KinderRijk.