Health and illness policy

Some childhood illnesses are more likely to occur with children who are together in a group than with children who do not attend daycare. In addition, sick children are always best off at home: your child cannot get the attention it needs at the location without this being at the expense of the entire group. In the event of an infectious disease, employees also want to prevent other children from becoming infected.

KinderRijk’s policy is therefore that if your child is ill, you cannot bring it to daycare. If your child goes to daycare or toddler care, we prefer to hear this before 9.30 am. For after-school care, if your child is ill, we request that you notify us as soon as possible and in any case on the day itself before 11 am. You can easily report that your child is ill via the KinderRijk parent app/web portal.

In addition, there are other situations that require action from our employees:

  • Your child becomes ill while at childcare
  • You request us to provide your child with medicines
  • You request us to perform medical procedures

Below you can read how we deal with these situations.

While at childcare

If your child becomes ill while at nursery, we’ll contact you. As long as we feel we can take the responsibility, and in deliberation with you, your child can stay at the nursery for the rest of the day. In some cases, we will ask you to pick up your child, for instance, if they have a rising temperature or if they’re feeling miserable in the group.

Administering medication

Children are sometimes prescribed medication or receive other medicines (such as over-the-counter remedies) that need to be administered at regular intervals throughout the day. This could for instance include the use of asthma inhalers, antibiotics, or suppositories. If you would like us to administer this medication, you will first need to provide written consent.

Medical manoeuvres

Occasionally, parents ask us to carry out what is categorised as a medical manoeuvre. This could be for instance setting up a drip feed or carrying out a finger prick to measure blood glucose. In general, home care or you yourself should carry out these manoeuvres during nursery hours. In very exceptional situations, particularly if it is a long term situation, we could be asked to carry out the manoeuvre. In such instances, you should discuss with the location manager if the procedure can be carried out by the staff. Again, your written consent must be provided.

Our complete policy on health and illness can be found here.

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