Daycare for ages 0 to 4

When you’re working, you want your child to be in a safe and reliable environment. The daycare centres (KDV) of KinderRijk offer you this ideal environment at  several locations in Amsterdam en Amstelveen. While you’re at work, your child develops playfully at the daycare. Playing is in fact the best way to discover and understand the world around you, both for the little ones and the older children. It is important for children to have space to explore and play. After all, it is their way to explore the world. In addition, we ensure that your child has fun with peers and learns to deal with other children respectfully.

Daycare in Amstelveen and Amsterdam

Looking for a daycare center in Amstelveen? KinderRijk has several daycare locations in Amstelveen:

KinderRijk also has a number of daycare locations in Amsterdam:


Up to the age of four, we give your child a safe and trusted environment with a transparent and bright layout. Find out more about babies at KinderRijk. You can register for childcare up to six months before the baby’s due date. Your child is welcome at one of our centres from the age of eight weeks.

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