Children’s Campus for ages 0 to 12

A children’s campus or child centre goes one step further than an extended school. A children’s campus is a fully comprehensive child centre based on the philosophy that between the ages of nought to twelve, your child’s talents have more opportunity to develop more broadly if education and childcare work together. It’s more than a case of collaboration and alignment; it’s a single vision, along the same line, with one team. It’s unambiguous, efficient and provides your child with every opportunity in a pleasant and challenging environment.

Children’s Campus Zuidas

There’s a KinderRijk children’s campus in Amsterdam at the Zuidas location where KinderRijk works with the Stichting Openbaar Onderwijs aan de Amstel. This children’s campus offers modern, bilingual services in surroundings that will quickly make your child feel at home. KinderRijk will run a play group and after school care centre on the campus.

Children’s Campus King

In Amstelveen, your child is welcome at Children’s Campus King. For this location, KinderRijk cooperates with Amstelwijs, a foundation for public primary education. We provide toddler care, day care, after-school and pre-school care.

Child Centre Mio Mondo

Your child is also welcome at Child Centre Mio Mondo. For this location, KinderRijk cooperates with 1e Amstelveense Montessorischool and Amstelwijs, a foundation for public primary education. We provide day care, after-school and pre-school care.

Working with primary schools

KinderRijk has invested greatly in working with primary schools in Amstelveen. The policy and vision at many of our centres is in line with the schools we work with, so that it is the interests of the children that is foremost. So that they can learn through play and so that their development from nought to twelve years follows a continuous, consistent path. The more intensive the partnership, the better it is for the children. You’ll find a KinderRijk centre at nearly all the primary schools in Amstelveen, often in the same building, sometimes just very close by, and sometimes so integrated in the school that we talk of an extended school, a children’s campus or child centre.

The advance of extended schools

An extended school combines education with a range of services or activities such as after school care, sport, health and culture/ The parties involved work together intensively and share the same pedagogical and educational vision. The extended schools KinderRijk is part of aim to improve children’s opportunities for cognitive, social-emotional and physical development. The building is open all day and the involved parties align their opening times with each other. The staff have an open manner with each other and towards each other’s area of expertise. What’s more, an extended school places great importance on consultation and partnership with parents. The extended school environment centres around the interests of your child, and the systematic collaboration between school and childcare means your child can develop along a consistent path.

Extended schools in Amstelveen that include KinderRijk:

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