Activities and routines at ASC

The children at the After School Care centre play in groups and on their own. Our group and outdoor areas are richly diverse so your child can play freely or withdraw to a quiet area. Romping about, building huts, playing on the computer, or quietly reading a book; anything’s possible. We also provide weekly activities covering music, exercise, sports and games, technology, cookery, language and so on. Your child gets to choose what they want to do, but we encourage them to try out new things, both indoors and outdoors.

Partners in upbringing

We feel that the childcare at KinderRijk truly plays a part in your child’s upbringing, and we take our role as third educator seriously, including at the ASC.  We therefore place a lot of value on being able to exchange and adapt ideas with you as a parent.

A good chat

When your child comes in from school, it’s important that there’s a relaxed atmosphere and someone around they can trust. Which is why we spend a lot of time each day listening to your child’s tales and looking at the things they’ve done at school and proudly brought in to show.

More and more independence

As your child gets older, their need for independence grows. We respond to this by giving them, with your agreement, more and more responsibilities. For instance, older children may, at a certain point, come to the ASC from school by themselves.

Room for challenging activities

The over-eights get a lot of freedom at the ASC, both indoors and outdoors. And we give them more responsibilities and offer them increasingly challenging activities with their peers. For instance, under the professional supervision of sports company Sportbedrijf Amstelveen, your child can try out different sports such as boxing, climbing on a climbing wall or free-running. And we also have sewing machines and kitchens for cookery sessions. Read more about our over-eights ASC activities.

Trips out together

KinderRijk regularly organises outings on Wednesday afternoons and in the holidays, such as trips to the swimming pool, the zoo, the cinema, the Amstelveen Puppet Theatre, the Elsenhove petting farm, the Linnaeushofplayground, the Elleboog circus, or one of the parks in Amsterdam (Amstel ParkVondel ParkBeatrix Park or the Amsterdam Woods). Some of the ASCs also organise joint sports days. Read more about our holiday childcare.


Children may, in consultation with staff, occasionally bring a friend with them to the ASC.

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