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Alderman visits KinderRijk’s preschool

23 January 2023

Floor Gordon, deputy alderman for education, visited KinderRijk’s preschool at De Linde location in Amstelveen last week.

Learning and development through play
At this location, we offer preschool care with preschool education in the mornings and after-school care in the afternoons. The preschool uses the Uk & Puk preschool education method and Logo 3000, through which children develop their vocabulary in a natural way through play.

Preschool in practice
The alderman was shown around the groups and gained a good impression of how preschool care and preschool education are provided at KinderRijk. The alderman was enthusiastic about working in the groups. One educational staff member was reading to a group of children, while another was teaching words to some children, which they learn naturally through play.

The best for every child
During her visit, Floor Gordon also talked to Margreet Hellemons-Van Dijk, director of KinderRijk, Annette de Wit, childcare manager, Willemien Wildeboer, education manager and Linda Oudshoorn, assistant manager and preschool coach at De Linde. The conversation revealed the relevance of collaboration in all areas to achieve the best for each child. Margreet Hellemons pointed out that “A child’s development starts at minus nine months”. Another essential aspect is that there must be a continuous line between childcare and primary education and a shared educational vision, which is something we still need to further develop in Amstelveen. After all, everyone who works with children ultimately aims to maximise their development potential and to ensure a good future for every child. The alderman promised to bring this topic to meetings on the development of the new agenda on education and youth.

A thank-you from the toddlers
As a thank-you for her visit, Floor Gordon received a homemade artwork from the toddlers. She also received the Childcare Values Framework, which describes what society can and should expect from childcare and how childcare prepares children for the future. After all, children are the future!