What it’s all about at KinderRijk

We are continually aware of the well-being of your child. Do they feel good? Are they enjoying themselves? A child that feels comfortable and at ease is open, inquisitive, spirited, satisfied, relaxed, self-confident and balanced. And that’s what we want to achieve and maintain with your child.
Fun, development, imagination and respect are the underlying principles of our staff’s pedagogical approach, but also the guidelines for how we set out our centres, for the materials we use, the daily routine we have in place, and the activities we offer the children.

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If a child is enjoying itself, it means it feels safe and comfortable. It’s one of the conditions for going on a journey of discovery; to play, explore, learn and enjoy. We call this emotional safety fun and we feel it is a definite prerequisite for the other three principles to be able to bloom.

Young children’s brains are ready and waiting to make millions of connections and develop. We stimulate the brain by letting children experience things in different areas of development. We challenge them to learn actively, make their own choices, try out new things and find solutions themselves. The child can then learn to understand and value itself – and this strengthens their motivation, self-confidence and independence.

By encouraging their imagination in play and activities, children can become creative thinkers and problem solvers. After all, in their imagination, anything is possible and they can give their experiences and emotions space.

Right from a very early age, children learn from us how to make contact, make allowances, and work together. They find out the rules of our society early on, about what is and isn’t allowed and what they’re good at. We help them by providing structure and setting limits, without affecting their self-esteem.