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After-school care Piet Hein

4 to 13 year

After-school care Piet Hein is located at the Piet Hein community school, close to the city centre and the Amsterdamse Bos. Our location is nice and spacious with large windows for natural light. We have 5 after-school care groups. The two youngest groups are adjacent to the central indoor hall on the ground floor next to the workshop and the nature garden. The middle group and the two oldest groups are located on the first floor of the building next to the sports hall. We use our educational knowledge and personal talents to set up a varied and challenging programme of activities for the children every day. We do many creative activities in the workshop, organise music and drama activities, do cooking activities and offer sports activities in the play room/gym three times a week.

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At this location

  • Education and childcare in one building
  • Open until 6.30 p.m. on school days
  • Open between 8:15 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. in holiday weeks
  • Open on school staff-seminar days
  • Near a beautiful park
  • Large workshop
  • Education and care under one roof
  • Sports and games room

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What does a day at our after-school care look like?

Every day may be different at after-school care. Below you can find out what a day at our after-school care basically looks like on a regular school day.

As soon as school is out, your child will be picked up from school by us or your child comes to the after-school care location by him/herself.

When all the children are inside, we go and sit around the table and have something to eat and drink, and we give the children some fruit. We use this moment to talk and catch up with the children.

After the table time, children are given the choice to play by themselves or join in the activities organised by us. 

Untill 6.30 p.m.: time to pick up your child or your child will go home on his/her own in accordance with the agreements made. Will you pick up your child? Then the educational staff will take a moment to go through your child’s day with you during the handover. The educational staff member will focus on your child’s growth during the day.

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Practical information

Settling in at after-school care

During the settling-in period, we take the time to get to know both you and your child, and let you familiarise with the new situation. Settling in is an individual matter, matching the developmental stage of children and the specific needs and habits of children and parents.


We have 5 groups at after-school care Piet Hein. Two groups for children aged 4-6, 1 group for children aged 6-7 and 2 group for children aged 8-12 year.

Parent committee

The parent committee of after-school care Piet Hein can be reached at


How much are the costs of childcare?

Would you like to find out about the costs of childcare? Use our handy calculator tool to quickly work out how much your monthly childcare costs will be.

Registration – how does it work?

Learn more about how to register for childcare at KinderRijk and what to expect during the further procedure.

Area health Authority (GGD) Report & LRK-number

Please read the GGD report of after-school care Piet Hein here.

LRK-number: 187821562

Educational method

More details about the daily routine at the location are included in the educational method. The educational method can be requested from the location manager.

Health & Safety

The health & safety method contains all the details on how the safety policy is implemented at the location. The health & safety method can be requested from the location manager.

Our location manager

”With a team of talented staff, we provide a challenging programme of activities every day, encouraging all the children’s talents!”


After-school care Piet Hein
Doctor Schaepmanlaan 2
1182 GM Amstelveen

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