What makes BSO Piet Hein so special?

  • Extended school
  • Childcare and education under one roof
  • A variety of activities
  • Studio
  • Near Amsterdamse Bos, Cobra museum and library
  • Brand new building

In tthe Piet Hein extended school you can find our location BSO Piet Hein. This after-school care location is located near the Stadshart (including the Cobra museum and the library) and the Amsterdamse Bos. In addition to after-school care, the  school also houses KinderRijk KDV Piet Hein.

Have a look

Below you can see what the location looks like. Of course you are also welcome for a tour at the location itself!

Childcare and education

BSO Piet Hein means childcare and education under one roof. And that offers peace for parents and children. It also forms a better basis for guidance, because school and daycare also work together in terms of content.


BSO Piet Hein is exclusively for children who go to school at the Piet Hein school. BSO Piet Hein has different groups and spaces.

There is a BSO group on the ground floor. In addition, there is a spacious hall on this floor and we share a playroom with school. The three other BSO groups are on the first floor. Here the BSO has its own playroom, in which we organize various activities. Finally, there is a spacious studio on the second floor, specially equipped for BSO Piet Hein.

After school care (BSO) at KinderRijk

Even when your child is a little older, playing still is an ideal way to grow and develop. KinderRijk’s after-school care (BSO) is completely geared to this. Having fun is paramount at the BSO. After a busy day at school, your child can relax at the BSO with peers or start an activity. We receive your child with a smile. We offer a listening ear and make it clear that almost nothing is mandatory and almost everything is allowed. That’s nice way to “come home”.

Why KinderRijk?

  • Learning through play: fun, development, imagination and respect form the basics.
  • The best staff available
  • Collaboration with school: a good connection, content and in practice. No matter which school your child will attend in Amstelveen, the KinderRijk location is always in or nearby school.
  • A rich play area: inviting, spacious and diverse!
  • Every day we offer challenging and diverse activities that involve music, nature, creativity, science and language.
  • A healthy nutrition policy: tasty and together
  • 50 years of experience in the field of development
  • Always care during the school holidays: when the school is closed, we are open.
  • Generous opening times and all-in rates.