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What makes BSO Mio Mondo so special?

  • Child-following activities
  • Large crafts studio and kitchen
  • Natural outdoor space
  • Child center with primary school and childcare
  • Materials adapted to the age and experience of the child

BSO Mio Mondo and the Montessorischool Mio Mondo together form MKC Mio Mondo in a beautiful, atmospheric building. The BSO has three challenging and imaginatively furnished group rooms on the ground floor and two groups on the first floor. There is a beautiful gym attached to the school, plus a central hall where performances can take place, a library on the first floor and a studio.

Twice a week there is the opportunity for the children to exercise in the gym. We have a playroom where children can play around themselves or receive a dance lesson. Our outdoor space is a nature playground with a tree trunk path, climbing trunk and a branch house. Here children can play with branches and sand to their heart’s content.

Have a look

Below you can see what the location looks like. Of course you are also welcome for a tour at the location itself!


BSO Mio Mondo offers the children all kinds of different activities. DoenKids is used for this, among other things. Various materials and themes form the starting point for the activities that are offered.

BSO Mio Mondo considers child participation important. Children have a voice, they are listened to and taken seriously. There is a lot of room for personal choices, for example in the range of activities. In addition, BSO Mio Mondo is represented in the KinderRijk KinderRaad (Child Council), which holds discussions with the managing director several times a year about all kinds of matters that are discussed at KinderRijk.

I find the employees very involved and I think the after-school care really adds a lot to the social development and independence of my children. They really offer something that I cannot offer them.

– Parent BSO Mio Mondo


For the students of primary school Mio Mondo, this location has three groups on the ground floor and two groups on the first floor on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are four groups on Wednesdays and Fridays. Per day we take care of a maximum of twenty children in a group.

Why KinderRijk?

  • Learning through play: fun, development, imagination and respect form the basics.
  • The best staff available
  • Collaboration with school: a good connection, content and in practice. No matter which school your child will attend in Amstelveen, the KinderRijk location is always in or nearby school.
  • A rich play area: inviting, spacious and diverse!
  • Every day we offer challenging and diverse activities that involve music, nature, creativity, science and language.
  • A healthy nutrition policy: tasty and together
  • 50 years of experience in the field of development
  • Always care during the school holidays: when the school is closed, we are open.
  • Generous opening times and all-in rates.

Personal visit?

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