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Preschool Asserring

2 to 4 year

Preschool Asserring is located in Amstelveen-Zuid in the Westwijk district. Close to the shopping centre, the library and the schools in the neighbourhood. Our preschool group is situated in a beautiful bright building with a large central play hall, a workshop where children make their own creations and works of art using different materials, and a large inspiring garden. The garden is laid out as a nature garden where the children can have fun doing all kinds of things. We share the garden with day care and after-school care. We also work together with day care and after-school care for a number of activities and festivities.

Our enthusiastic and experienced team ensures fun, an imaginative environment and plenty of inspiring activities every day! We do this by providing a wide range of activities such as music and dance, our movement floor or a visit from the organisation Memorable Moments. In addition, we highly focus on the children’s language development at preschool. We use Logo 3000 to encourage language development, a tool to increase children’s vocabulary naturally through play. 

At this location

  • Focus on language development using Logo 3000
  • Regular preschool
  • Care during 40 school weeks
  • Adventurous nature garden
  • Workshop
  • Music, dance and movement
  • Spacious group hall for (joint) activities
  • Opening hours between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Also at this location

What does a day at our preschool look like?

Each preschool location has its own daily routine. Below you can find out what a day at our preschool basically looks like. The educational staff can tell you about the specific day programme. At the preschool groups with a VE programme (offering children extra language skills and preparing them for primary education), the children do not have lunch and are picked up at noon.

education), the children do not have lunch and are picked up at noon. 8 a.m. – Your child is welcomed between 8 and 9 a.m. and we will discuss how you all are doing. Parents can stay for a while during the drop-off time to read a book, do a puzzle or play a game with their child.
Having said goodbye to your child, we start the day in the circle. We sing songs, name the days of the week, the colours, the weather and talk to the children about what all they have been up to. Then it’s time for some fruit at the table.
Opportunity for free play and activities geared to your toddler’s development. These activities may include group play, dancing together, creative and developmental activities in the group, in the hall, in the nature garden or at the workshop.
Lunch time! The children have lunch together with the educational staff. We pay attention to the children’s development also while having lunch. For example, we set the table together.
You can come and pick up your child between 12.30 p.m. and 1 p.m. You will have the handover with the educational staff member, who takes you through the morning. The educational staff member will especially focus on your child’s growth during the day.
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Pratical information

Settling in at after-school care

During the settling-in period, we take the time to get to know both you and your child, and let you familiarise with the new situation. Settling in is an individual matter, matching the developmental stage of children and the specific needs and habits of children and parents.


We have 1 groups at preschool Asserring aged 2-4 years.

Parent committee

The parent committee of preschool Asserring can be reached at 

How much are the costs of childcare?

Would you like to find out about the costs of childcare? Use our handy calculator tool to quickly work out how much your monthly childcare costs will be.

Registration – how does it work?

Learn more about how to register for childcare at KinderRijk and what to expect during the further procedure.

Area health Authority (GGD) Report & LRK-number

Please read the GGD report of preschool Asserring here.

LRK-number:  329220809

Educational method

More details about the daily routine at the location are included in the educational method. The educational method can be requested from the location manager.

Health & Safety

The health & safety method contains all the details on how the safety policy is implemented at the location. The health & safety method can be requested from the location manager.

Our location manager

‘‘The team is very versatile due to all the different qualities and years of experience. This is reflected in the activity program they offer the children and in their collaboration with parents.”


Preschool Asserring
Asserring 196
1187 KL Amstelveen

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