Complaints procedure

KinderRijk takes all of their clients’ issues of dissatisfaction seriously. In the event that parents and parents’ committees are dissatisfied, we believe it is vital to come to a solution that is satisfactory to all parties in proper consultation. We will at all times endeavour to timely resolve issues, provide redress and restore the relationship through conversations.

The steps to be taken therefore include that parents/parents’ committees first discuss their issues or dissatisfaction with the person(s) directly concerned: the educational staff member and/or the location manager. Or with the host parent and/or KinderRijk’s host-parent agency. If this should not resolve the matter satisfactorily, a conversation with the board may provide a solution.

If following such conversation the issue should nevertheless remain unsolved, the parent or parents’ committee may submit a complaint to KinderRijk (tip: first read through the entire complaints procedure before filing a complaint). We will make every effort to resolve the complaint and to come to a satisfactory outcome – within no more than six weeks, preferably sooner.

Complaints form

Should the internal complaints procedure fail to solve the matter satisfactorily, the external Conciliation Board may be notified of the complaint through the Child-Care Complaints Desk.