The first time to toddler care

Your child coming to playgroup is something you’ll both need to get used to. The first visit is an important moment. That’s why it’s important to have a settling in programme. During this period, you and your child can get to know the staff, make arrangements about your toddler and lay the foundations for a good and sustainable relationship.


When it comes to familiarisation, we will as much as possible tie up with your toddler’s frame of mind. One child will feel at ease from the first day and has no problem staying a half or the whole day, whereas another child will have great difficulty getting used to new faces and staying at a group, and will therefore need more time to become familiarised. The educational staff will keep a close eye on what is best for your toddler over the first few days and consult with you.

Any arrangements made with the educational staff during the introductory phase will be set down during the introductory conversation, but may be adjusted if this period does not quite turn out as expected. Also, in the case of a transfer to another group within the location, we will closely monitor that the introductory phase links up well with this specific child during the transfer to a new group. The educational staff member of the child’s own group will look after the child during the internal transfer.

Daily routine

If you bring your child in the morning there is time for a cup of coffee or tea and a chat. You tell the pedagogical staff what they need to know about your child, for example how he or she has slept, how he or she feels etc. We call this the transfer and this is very valuable to us. Your child has a moment to make the transition to the toddler group. The game material is ready to inspire and challenge your child.

Once all the parents have left, the children get something to eat, like a piece of fruit or a cracker, and we chat with the children as a group. We encourage them to interact with each other and the carers.

In the morning we do a lot of activities. Your child gets to choose a development-based activity such as crafts, building, doing jigsaws or playing in the house corner. Sometimes, we are visited by a dance teacher or we make music together. Each day includes time for free play, both indoors and outdoors. Development through play is the perfect way of letting your child blossom and develop, both personally and socially.

Around noon the children wash their hands and we have lunch together. As your child is growing quickly, we pay deliberate attention to food and drink. It’s enjoyable sitting at the table, and we sing songs, your child chooses what they want to eat and spreads their own bread, and we make sure there’s a varied choice of healthy food and drink with only little fat, sugar and salt content.

When you pick up your child, our employees will tell you how the morning went. Your child will proudly display his or her homemade artwork and the employees will also regularly take photos of the process, which you can see via the parent app. You get a good idea of what your child has experienced.

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