Early childhood education (VVE)

Playgroup is particularly suitable for children with a referral for Early Childhood Education. For instance, if you or your partner do not speak Dutch, your child may be eligible for Early Childhood Education. You will need a referral from your local health authority via the baby and toddler clinic (GGD). Once you have the necessary documentation, your child will, if applicable, be given priority on the playgroup’s waiting list. Read more frequently asked questions.

There’s a place for every child, and our programme fits in with each child’s natural needs for activity, play, exploration and nutrition. We guide your child through their development using the toddler programmes ‘I am Bas’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’, or ‘Ko-totaal’, and prepare them through play and as smoothly as possible for primary school. So as to ensure the line of development is consistent, and bearing in mind most children spend between 10 and 12 hours a week at half-day care, the toddler programme focuses on the areas of language and communicative development, cognitive development and social development. Goals have been set for these three areas in line with primary education and development norms. The children’s progress is tracked using a child monitoring system.

KinderRijk provides an early childhood education programme at the following centres:

Benderslaan, Amstelveen
Linde, Amstelveen
Kindercampus King, Amstelveen
Kindercampus Zuidas, Amsterdam

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