Childcare allowance

Does your child go to day care? Then you may be entitled to childcare allowance. This is a contribution towards the costs of childcare that you receive from the Tax Authorities. How much you receive depends on your income, the type of childcare and the number of children attending the childcare. Below you can read how it works and what the conditions are.


Conditions for childcare allowance

You are only entitled to childcare allowance if you work, follow a course or follow a trajectory that increases the chances of finding work. In addition, the allowance is for those who follow a compulsory integration course. The allowance is only intended for the hours that you spend on it and only in the case of daycare and after-school care. You cannot receive a childcare allowance for in-school care. If you have a partner, the same applies to him or her.

Since 1 January 2018, you can also apply for childcare allowance if your child goes to playgroup and the municipality does not contribute to the costs. Make sure your child goes to a registered daycare. You do not normally receive a childcare allowance for childcare by grandparents.

If you become unemployed, you are entitled to childcare allowance for another 6 months. Read more about the conditions for childcare allowance on the website of the Tax Authorities.


Childcare allowance amount

There are no income or capital limits for the childcare allowance. The amount of the childcare allowance does depend on income. The higher your income, the less allowance you will receive for childcare costs. In the allowance table you can see what percentage of childcare allowance you are entitled to. You must then know your (joint) assessment income. You can make a calculation on the website of the Tax Authorities.


Maximum hourly rate

Maximum hourly prices apply for the different types of childcare. The maximum hourly rate for daycare is € 8.46 from 1 January 2021. As of 1 January 2022, this will be € 8.50. The maximum hourly rate for after-school care from 1 January 2021 is € 7.27. As of 1 January 2022, this will be € 7.31 for after-school care. The amount above the maximum hourly rate is always for your own account. You can find our rates here.


Amount of hours

The childcare hours are linked to the hours worked by the least working partner. The calculation goes as follows:

  • Is your child going to daycare? Multiply the hours of the person who works the least by 140%.
  • Is your child going to after-school care in 2021? Multiply the hours of the person who works the least by 70%.
  • Is your child going to after-school care in 2022? Multiply the hours of the person who works the least by 140%.

You can also use the calculation tool to calculate the number of hours.


Application for childcare allowance

You can only apply for childcare allowance with 3 months retroactive effect. Do not wait too long to apply, otherwise you will miss out on the allowance. You can request a supplement with the Tax Authorities. You need a DigiD for this.


Step-by-step guidance when applying for childcare allowance

Could you use some more information or guidance with the application for childcare allowance? BOinK (interest group of parents in childcare) developed an application to guide you through the most important parts of the tax authorities/allowances. The application is available in 4 languages; Dutch, Englisch, Polish and Arabic and there are now costs involved for downloading.


Double check childcare details childcare allowance

Do you receive childcare allowance as a customer of KinderRijk? Then we will do a double check for you with the Tax Authorities/Supplementary Benefits. This is how it works:

  • You as a parent apply for the childcare allowance yourself.
  • Every month we inform the Tax Authorities/Supplies how much childcare you have purchased. This is called “data delivery”.
  • Are there noticeable differences? Then you can receive a message from the Tax Authorities/Supplementary Benefits.
  • You can adjust your data yourself if necessary.
  • As a result, the chance that you will have to repay (a lot of) surcharge later on is smaller.

Tip: check regularly whether your allowance details are still correct. You can do this on or use the Belastingdienst/Toeslagen app.

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