Babies at KinderRijk

Babies are very vulnerable up to about 18 months old. We’re very aware of this and treat them accordingly. On the one hand, they get a lot of personal attention, and on the other, they get the freedom to move around and discover life. We treat your babies respectfully and calmly and let them lead at their own pace. We look specifically at what your child is doing, what it needs and how it is developing.

Daily routines

Babies have their own routine for sleeping and eating and therefore their own daily routines. Your baby is given the space to explore the world in a safe place where everything is there to be discovered and experienced. We have proper contact when they are being fed or changed, for instance we talk to your baby about what we’re going to do, speak softly, encourage it where necessary and name what they are looking at. Your child then knows they can rely on us being there and learns how to do things by themselves, experiments and overcomes hurdles.

Feeding times

We discuss your baby’s feeding times with you. KinderRijk provides nutrition*, but you can of course provide milk or come to the nursery to breastfeed your baby. In that case, please make sure that your bottle bottles are labeled with the name of your child and the date and time of pumping. KinderRijk adheres to the Hygiene Code.

At our day care, nutrition is included in the fees, except if diet nutrition or specific nutrition requirements are needed. Click here to read more about our assortment and our policy on specific nutrition requirements at parents’ request.


Each group is led by a set team of two nursery workers, with occasional assistance from placement students. Your child will therefore quickly recognise the carers and feel comfortable with them. They’ll also get to know the other children quickly. They all play together, eat together, learn from each other, and take each other into consideration. KinderRijk has both horizontal and vertical groups.

Horizontal groups

A horizontal group is made up of children in the same age range. For the baby group this means children are under two years old. They then move to the toddler group until they are four. A baby group has a maximum of nine children a day, and a toddler group can have up to sixteen children a day.

Vertical groups

A vertical group is made up of children between nought and four years old, with a maximum of sixteen children a day. At most, three under-one year olds are in the group at the same time as we feel it is important that babies get sufficient rest and personal attention.


When it comes to the ratio between the number of pedagogical employees and the number of children present in the group at the same time, KinderRijk adheres to the principles described in the Childcare Act. Both types of group have their own characteristics. Childcare in a vertical group carries the advantage you’re your child can develop over the four years with children of different ages. The advantage of the horizontal group is that your child grows up with children in the same development phase. The majority of the groups at KinderRijk are vertical.

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