After-school care for ages 4 to 12

Even as your child gets older, play remains the most ideal way of developing and shaping a character. After-school care (BSO) at KinderRijk is completely in line with this. Are you looking for safe and trusted care after-school, on scheduled days off school and during school holidays? We offer after-school care at various locations in Amstelveen and Amsterdam.

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After school

After a busy day at school, your child can relax at the after-school care and relax with peers. We welcome your child with a smile. We offer a listening ear and make it clear that almost nothing is mandatory and almost anything is allowed. That is nice way to ‘come home’.

Having fun is paramount at the BSO. Your child can choose to do what it feels like. There are plenty of activities: playing an exciting game, a game of dodgeball, a trip to the park, cooking… Our pedagogical staff are buzzing with ideas. And whether your child is four or twelve, there is something fun for everyone to experience.

After a long school day, the children can also go outside. There is plenty of room to play, run and relax. The outside air immediately provides energy to discover new things.

If your child prefers to relax quietly, then that is no problem. Read a book, do crafts or just relax in a quiet corner. Such a moment of rest is also a great opportunity to go over the day and exchange nice stories.

At the after-school care your child learns to stand upright in all kinds of situations. And we support your child in all possible ways in his or her development.


Working with primary schools

Whichever primary school your child goes to in Amstelveen, there’s probably a KinderRijk school that works with it, and the BSO in Amsterdam also works with a primary school. A number of our locations collaborate intensively with the schools so as to support the learning pathways for children aged nought to twelve. When your child leaves daycare, they can simply move on to the after-school care location.

After-school care in Amstelveen and Amsterdam

Are you looking for after-school care in Amstelveen? KinderRijk offers after-school care at the following locations:

KinderRijk also offers after-school care in Amsterdam. Feel free to have a look at the following locations:

Each location has its own advantages and characteristics. You can take this into account when choosing after-school care for your child(ren). For placement, please feel free to contact one of our employees of the Child Planning department via 020 426 08 66 or They will discuss the options with you and are happy to help you, also if you need care at a later date.

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