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Before-school care 4-13 year

Do you have to leave early for work, but your child’s school hasn’t opened yet? Then KinderRijk’s before-school care may be useful to you. We offer before-school care at a number of locations. Here, children aged 4 to 13 can start the day in a relaxed and fun environment. You can then head off to work with peace of mind and a sense of security.

KinderRijk offers before-school care during school weeks. Depending on the location, children can come from 7.30 or 7.45 am. We presume that your child has had breakfast at home. At before-school care, your child can then play and relax a bit before the school day starts. Our educational staff take the children to school, so they will arrive safely and on time.

All our before-school locations are linked to a primary school. The before-school location where your child can be placed depends on the primary school he or she attends. We will contact you after your registration. Then we can tell you more about the possibilities.

Find your before-school care location

Various KinderRijk locations offer before-school care. Find the location that suits you best!

There are 3 KinderRijk locations that offer before-school care. These are Kindercampus King, BSO Orion and BSO Linde. These before-school care locations are linked to a primary school. Which location your child can be placed at depends on the primary school he or she attends. We will contact you following your registration.

What does before-school care cost?

That depends on your personal situation. In any case, our rates are all-in and ensure that you will not face any additional costs. With our practical calculation tool you can quickly calculate the monthly costs of child care for you. We have also listed information about child-care allowances, for example.


At before-school care, we offer your child from 4 to 13 years of age a calm and pleasant start of the day. Are you interested in a place at one of our before-school care locations? Then you can register without obligation.

Do you first have any questions for us? Do feel free to contact our Child Planning department. They will be happy to provide you with more information and advice on what suits your situation best. They can be reached at or 020-426 08 66.

Registration pre-school care

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Welcome to KinderRijk. You can use this form to register your child for pre-school care. If you want to register more children, please contact our Child Planning department. We’re happy to discuss the solution that best suits your situation, so please call our Child Planning department for more information on 020 -426 08 66.


De preschool care – locations are linked to schools. By indicating which school you choose, we will know at which location the care will take place. There is often a connection to a specific location, and in some cases, there are multiple location options available.

We record your contact details, such as name, telephone number and e-mail address, in order to register your application and contact you. These personal data are not shared with parties outside KinderRijk. We store this data for a maximum of 1 year. For more information about how we handle personal data, we refer you to our privacy policy at
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