Quality and safety

Quality and safety are very important to KinderRijk. Every day, our employees work with respect for everyone’s individuality on the development of your child. We encourage your child to have fun and develop at his own pace and in his own way. We distinguish ourselves in the region with our rich range of activities and our excellent pedagogical quality.

KinderRijk follows the Childcare Act with regard to safety, hygiene and health. We are very aware of the vulnerability of your child and therefore pay a lot of attention to safety. There is a strong relationship between safety, hygiene and health. Specifically for monitoring the hygiene and health of your child, the pedagogical staff adhere to the guidelines of the GGD. In the case of suspected child abuse, we are legally obliged to implement the “Reporting Code for Child Abuse and Transgressive Behaviour” for child care.

Safety in the group

The 4-eyes-and-ears principle

The 4-eyes-and-ears principle required in childcare organisations means that a member of staff should never be alone with one or more children without being able to be seen or heard by another adult. In addition, nearly all of our centres have transparent work environments with considerable use of glass in the building. This means there’s a good overview of the group, the group next door and the toilet area. What’s more, the doors are always open during break time and there are baby monitors in the sleep rooms. If a sleep room does not directly lead from a group area, a monitor is in place. Each pedagogical method describes how the 4-eyes-and-ears principle is designed at that specific location.

Selection and screening of new employees

Each new employee (including temporary staff) is screened extensively. There are at least two interviews with job applicants and references are checked with two organisations. Where possible, we also request references for work placement students.
Our employment conditions includes the code of behaviour and the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse (Reporting Code) Act, and new employees sign their agreement to adhere to these codes. A valid Certificate of Good Contact (VOG) is required in order to be able to work at KinderRijk and employees are subject to continued screening.

Measuring and securing

Training and expertise promotion

All location managers at KinderRijk have a degree in higher education, and almost all have a pedagogical background. They guide and coach the employees at the locations, for example through video/interaction guidance.
In addition, we have an extensive training program for all employees in which pedagogy, safety, interaction skills, communication, observation and the development of children are central.

Customer satisfaction research

We consider the satisfaction of parents to be an important indicator when it comes to quality. That is why we regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys. These concern the childcare, but also topics such as pedagogical quality, the communication of our employees, location managers, information provision, etc.
Customers receive an invitation by e-mail to participate in a survey. Completing the online questionnaire usually takes about five minutes.

Health and safety policy

Each location has a “health and safety policy”. Using this policy, we provide insight into how safety is implemented. The aim is to offer children and employees the safest and healthiest possible work, play and living environment where children are protected against risks with serious consequences and learn to deal with small risks.
A continuous process of drafting, implementing, evaluating and updating leads to the awareness of all employees for the safest and healthiest possible work, play and living environment.

Complaints and signals

KinderRijk treats its customers with care: children, parents and companies. Read more about our complaints procedure here.

Covenant and quality

The Childcare Act is limited to general quality requirements for childcare. That is why the branch organization for Childcare and BOinK (Association of Parents in Childcare) have jointly made additional agreements in a covenant on the quality of childcare.

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