Organizational structure

KinderRijk is a non-profit organisation.

Adoption of several restrictions to the Board of Directors powers has been opted for. These are included in the organisation’s articles of assocation. The Supervisory Board exercises supervision and gives advice to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is scrupulously monitored by the parents’ committee with regard to the parents’ interest as well as the employees’ council for the staff’s interest.


Managers and staff

KinderRijk employs almost sixhundred permanent staff members. More than five hundred of them work at the locations and approximately fifty of them at the service centre. All the teams in the locations have a manager whose key task is to supervise the team with regard to the responsible job they are faced with: our staff are partly in charge of raising the parents’ child in consultation with the parents. We therefore believe it’s essential that they are not only well-educated but also constantly keep developing in their own professional field.

Board of Directors (RvB)

The Board of Directors sets out the strategic lines and bears final responsibility for KinderRijk in terms of content and finance.  A number of decisions require prior approval from the Supervisory Board (RvT).

The RvB is represented by Anja Hol and Soufyan el Hamdi. The RvB is accountable to the RvT, the works council and the central parents’ council.

The powers of the RvB are also laid down in Regulations that state which decisions must be submitted to the supervisory authorities for accountability beforehand or afterwards. In addition, it is established by law and through the CAO which decisions require the participation or advice of the works council or the central parents’ council.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (RvT) supervises the policy of the RvB and general matters, such as:

  • The realization of the goals of KinderRijk
  • The strategy and risks associated with the business activities
  • The functioning of internal risk management
  • The financial reporting process
  • Compliance with laws and regulations

The RvT is also a sounding board for the RvB and contributes to the strategic course of KinderRijk. The members have a relevant network and broad expertise from which they can advise KinderRijk.

The RvT consists of three independent board members, one member recommendatied by the of the Works Council and one member recommended by the Parent Council.
The RvT currently consists of:

  • Jacob Boskma, chairman, advisor, supervisor at Wijzer in Opvang en Onderwijs;
  • Arthur Kohn, Director Legal at Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe B.V.;
  • Marianne van Gelder, advisor Onderwijs-Zorg-Welzijn;
  • Peter Velseboer, board advisor and interim director;
  • Hans Vermeeren, accountant in business, consultant and interim director, supervisor;
  • Katrin Brand, investment manager at NLFI.

Transparency and integrity

The RvT assesses whether the decisions taken by the director are in accordance with the policy, are in line with the course that has been set, whether considerations are properly substantiated, the communication is careful and whether evaluations have been planned. The members of the RvT are appointed in accordance with Regulations, which contain agreements regarding, among other things, the term of office, composition, appointment, task and working method of the council. The RvT has set up an audit committee; they keep the retirement schedule up to date. The members are honored in accordance with the NVTK (Dutch Association of Childcare Supervisors).

In addition to approximately five regular meetings, the RvT has an annual strategy meeting together with the management team and a meeting with middle management. The functioning of the RvT and the director are also discussed annually. The RvT is the client and consults directly with the KinderRijk accountant. Two members of the RvT are contact persons for the central Parent Council and the Works Council respectively. The RvT is accountable through the KinderRijk annual report.

KinderRijk endorses the Childcare Governance Code and has a whistleblower scheme. The supervisors are members of the NVTK and the director is a member of the bdKO (Professional association of directors of childcare). Both organizations pay a lot of attention to the application of the code. In addition, there is a code of conduct for the director of KinderRijk.

You can request the Supervisory Board regulations and the regulations of the Board of Directors, the foundation statutes, the supervisory vision and the code of conduct for the director via our Executive Assistants.

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