Organizational structure

KinderRijk is a non-profit organisation. The service centre conducts all its activities from the foundation’s holding. This holding has one subsidiary (private limited company), KinderRijk B.V.

Adoption of several restrictions to the director’s powers has been opted for. These are included in the organisation’s articles of assocation. The Supervisory Board exercises supervision and gives advice to the board of governors. The board of governors is scrupulously monitored by the parents’ committee with regard to the parents’ interest as well as the employees’ council for the staff’s interest.

Managers and staff

KinderRijk employs almost five hundred permanent staff members. More than four hundred of them work at the locations and approximately fifty of them at the service centre. All the teams in the locations have a manager whose key task is to supervise the team with regard to the responsible job they are faced with: our staff are partly in charge of raising the parents’ child in consultation with the parents. We therefore believe it’s essential that they are not only well-educated but also constantly keep developing in their own professional field.

Management Team (MT)

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