About us

Children are strong, competent and naturally inquisitive. They’re scientists, creative spirits and developers that are focused on making contact and provoking reaction from the moment they’re born. And this all based on their own perceptions and level of development. Every child is different, so every child is unique.

That’s how we at KinderRijk see children – and have done for 50 years. And it’s how our staff see each child each new day. We give them personal attention, the room to explore the world, and encourage them to playfully develop. Quality is key here and we set high standards for our staff, our curriculum, our health and safety policy, our indoor and outdoor spaces, and our organization.

What it is all about at KinderRijk

At KinderRijk we take your baby seriously and encourage it to develop. We give your child personal attention so that they develop in their own way, at their own speed and in fitting with their character and talents. We make sure your child feels safe and can enjoy going exploring. KinderRijk gives your child the opportunity to playfully develop into a happy, strong and socially skilled person.

Our principles: fun, development, imagination and respect

Fun, development, imagination and respect form the underlying principles of our pedagogical policy.

  • Fun: If a child feels safe, they go out and explore. The carers ensure the child feels a sense of security and emotional safety. If this basic condition is met, the child can explore and blossom.
  • Development: we challenge your child to learn, make choices, try new things and find solutions themselves. The child can then learn to understand and value itself – and this strengthens their motivation, self-confidence and independence.
  • Respect: We teach your child the rules of our society, provide them with structure and set limits without affecting their self-esteem. We teach your child how to work with others and make allowances.
  • Imagination: By encouraging their imagination, your baby can become a creative thinker and problem solver.

You’ll find these principles at each of our centers in the way they are laid out, the materials that are used, the daily routines in place and the activities that are offered.

Our organization

KinderRijk’s organisation is creating a distinct profile for itself as a learning organisation. It has timely taken this long-lasting course. KinderRijk highly focuses on the children’s development as well as on the development of its staff. We constantly review the effects of our training and education.

KinderRijk’s culture can be defined as: professional, reliable, always aspiring to improve and innovate. Imagery and creative behaviour are pursued and can even be enhanced.
The location managers combine their educational knowledge and skills with management skills. The managers’ quality standards are of a good level and they are also required to constantly educate themselves and keep developing. On a central level, within the management team, the director and the supervisors, attention is paid to business operations as well as the (requirements of) the quality standards of our care. Read more about our organization.

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