Q&A Fees 2018

What will be the changes for 2018?
The rates and the range of service will be the same as in 2018.

What are my options?
Both for day care and after-school care you have a choice of two packages: 51 or 52 weeks.
A package for 51 weeks is exclusive of the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The hourly fee is lower for a package of 52 weeks. You will be assured of constant availability of care, except on public holidays.

Locations: Amstelveen, Zuidas and Boechorststraat
Hourly fee for 51 weeks’ day-care: 11 hours open per day: € 7.50
Hourly fee for 52 weeks’ day-care: 11 hours open per day: € 7.45

Locations: Amsterdam (except Zuidas and Boechorststraat
Hourly fee for 51 weeks’ day-care: 10.5 hours open per day: € 7.70
Hourly fee for 52 weeks’ day-care: 10.5 hours open per day: € 7.63

Hourly fee for 51 weeks’ after-school care: € 6.96
Hourly fee for 52 weeks’ after-school care: € 6.81

What will be the hourly tax allowance in 2018?
The hourly allowance will be € 7.45 for day care and half-day care, € 6.95 for after-school care.

How do I find out what the net hourly fee will be for me?
On KinderRijk’s website, you can easily calculate what your net fee will be next year. By using this calculator, you will be able to see at a glance the difference in price between a package of 51 weeks and 52 weeks. A 52-weeks’ package is in practically all cases the financially better deal.

My child visits half-day care, is the same choice available in half-day care?
No, for half-day care you will automatically receive a contract for 51 weeks if you are entitled to a child-care allowance. All the half-day care groups are closed during the last week of the year.
Are you receiving subsidy or do you have a pre- and early-school contract? Then you will automatically receive a 48-weeks’ contract. The city of Amstelveen provides subsidies for 48 weeks. Care will not be provided for two weeks during the summer holidays, not between Christmas and New Year’s Day either, and not on a few days throughout the year.

What other charges will there be?
As usual, KinderRijk’s fees are all-in rates: there are no additional cost for items such as diapers, drinks, meals, organic fruit and activities. For more information, please see our policy.

What are the charges if I wish to use an additional part of the day at day care or half-day care?
An additional part of the day at day care costs € 41.25. A whole additional day costs € 82.50.
An additional part of the day at half-day care costs € 38.50.
An additional part of the day at after-school care costs € 34.05 per part of the day, € 68.10 for a whole day.

Why do the hourly rates for KinderRijk’s day-care centres differ?
This is due to the differing opening hours. The locations in Amsterdam East / Centre are open half an hour less than the day-care locations in Amsterdam Buitenveldert and Amstelveen. The more care hours are used, the cheaper it will be in proportion.

Do I pay an additional charge during closing days and school-seminar days, when after-school care provides care for whole days?
KinderRijk’s after-school care locations are open when the school – that KinderRijk collaborates with – is closed (i.e. during holidays and school-seminar days). You will not pay an extra charge if such days fall on your child’s regular care day. This has already been offset in the regular hourly fee.
If your child comes on an additional other day, the additional care fee of € 34.05 for one part of the day applies, € 68.10 for a whole day.

Can I pay by the hour instead of a whole day?
It is not possible to pay by the hour. KinderRijk charges part of days (morning and/or afternoon) for day-care, half-day care and after-school care. The hourly fee would increase if you were to use care by the hour as KinderRijk’s overheads continue (salaries of educational staff, rent, utilities etc.).

Why are there no custom rates for the Wednesday and the Friday in after-school care?
Even though we offer more care hours on Wednesday and Friday afternoon, the price is the same. Financially it is therefore more beneficial to have your child go to care on a Wednesday or Friday. Places are practically always available on these days in the short term.

I don’t use day care during school holidays. Is it possible not to be charged for holidays?
KinderRijk has opted for care contracts for 51 or 52 weeks. This keeps the hourly fee low and you will receive a higher child-care allowance. Obviously, it is not obligatory to bring your child during holidays. The payment, however, is obligatory.

Can I myself decide on the closing week?
No, if you opt for a 51 weeks’ package, care is not included during the last week of the year.

Why am I charged the full amount from the initial settling-in day?
KinderRijk allocates an entire day to your child, also during the settling-in period. On that day, we will not be able to place another child. This gives us time and space to get your child well settled in.
As a compensation, you will receive two compensation vouchers during the introductory conversation. These may be used for two additional days without charge.

Do I need to take any action?
We would like to hear from you as soon as possible if you would like to choose another package. Please let us know at pakketkeuze@kinderrijk.nl. You will subsequently receive a confirmation.

I have a different question, who may I contact?
You are welcome to ask the customer-relations department any questions at pakketkeuze@kinderrijk.nl or by telephone on workdays between 8:30 hrs and 17:30 hrs on 020-4260866.