The KinderRijk parent app/web portal facilitates us with the possibility to keep you up to date about your child’s activities at the care centre, for example by making photographs. The photos of your child are shared through the parent app/web portal with the parents of the children who are also on the photo that features your child.

Parents have the possibility of downloading a photograph. We would therefore ask you to apply integrity with regard to the photos that also show children of other parents. Remember that other parents may object if you should make the photos of their child public, and so we ask you not to do so unasked. There are no links to any social media within the parent app/web portal, which is done on purpose. It’s therefore not possible to directly post photos on social media such as Facebook.



Permission for visual material

The visual-material policy will be discussed with you during the introduction talk and you can let us know if you do or don’t want to give your permission to the use of visual material.

Some tips

  • Will the download from the app not work? This is more than likely due to your phone’s settings. Try allowing access to mobile data in your settings.
  • The photos in the photo album are tagged. This means they have labels indicating which children and/or staff members are on the photograph or what activities are being performed. Should you wish to view photos without tags, click on details in the image at the bottom right and then they disappear.
  • You will basically only receive photos showing your own child(ren) (group photos obviously show more children). Children who are not allowed on the photo will be marked in the app and automatically blocked by the system.
  • If you don’t want the option of receiving messages and photos from your child(ren), the app will still be useful for reporting holidays, sickness, requesting extra days and/or swopping days. You can obviously opt for using the app for this purpose only.

Safety is crucial

Privacy regarding their children is crucial to parents. They don’t like to find information and photos about their son or daughter on the internet unasked. The provider of the parent app offers a safe and protected environment to share information with the parents. They maintained high standards in the development of the parent app. This enables us, within the organisation, to decide which parents and staff have access to certain information. All information is moreover securely stored.

Do you have any further questions about the KinderRijk parent app? Please check out the frequently asked questions. Or contact our Child Planning department on 020 – 426 08 66 or