Logging in

We use the KinderRijk parent app to involve you, the parent, in your child’s care in a fun and personal way. At the moment that suits you best, you can read and view how your child spent its time with us. Personal contacts with the parents will obviously always be key for us. Communication through our app will not in any way replace any personal contacts. At most, there will be additional contact moments!

Where can you find the KinderRijk parent app?

The KinderRijk parent app can be used on your PC, smartphone and tablet. If you should like to use the online environment through your PC, please go to kinderrijk.ouderportaal.nl. If you prefer using your smartphone or tablet, the app can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) or from the Google Play Store (Android) under the name Konnect Ouderapp. 

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Logging in

It’s really easy to log into the KinderRijk parent app/web portal. Earlier, you received an email (sent from noreply@ouderportaal.nl) with your user name (email address) and an activation link to set your password. Once you’ve set the password, you can log into the KinderRijk web portal or the parent app.

Web portal

Go to kinderrijk.ouderportaal.nl and enter your user name (email address) and password. Have you forgotten your password? Please click on ‘password forgotten’ and you will receive a new password.

Parent app

Once the app has been installed, enter the following details:

Automatically keep up to date

Don’t miss any updates and stay informed automatically through push messages on your telephone. You will automatically receive a notification when something new happens around your child(ren) at child care during the day. It couldn’t be easier!

The notifications you wish to receive can be set for each subject. To change your personal settings, go to ‘My data’ in the app and then click on the cog in the bottom bar to go to settings. Here you can set your push or email notifications for each subject.

When your child leaves our care, you will still have ample time to download all the photos and save any written texts and to print them if you should like to do that.

We hope you’ll enjoy our parent app!