Credit points

The KinderRijk parent app/web portal can be used to accumulate credit points by reporting your child’s absence on time. The following conditions apply:

Accumulating credit points

  • Credit points are accumulated by reporting your child absent using the parent app/web portal before noon on the day beforehand.
  • Accumulated credit points are valid for 3 months.
  • Public holidays are not included in the scheme and they can’t be used to accumulate credit points.
  • One whole day at day care is 2 points, one afternoon in after-school care and one morning in toddler care are 1 point.

Using your credit points

  • Request an extra day or a different day and let us know in your request whether you wish to use your accumulated credit points or whether you want to be charged.
  • For after-school care, the credit points of two school afternoons can be used for one holiday/school closing day. The credit point of one holiday/school closing day can only be used for one holiday/school closing day.
  • For day care, the credit points of one whole care day cannot be used for two half care days.

Also useful to know

  • The credit points cannot be exchanged for financial compensation and cannot be transferred.
  • Absence is not deducted on the invoice.
  • It’s possible to report your child’s absence or request an extra day or different day 3 months ahead.
  • After your request is made, one extra day or a different day is awarded up to 2 weeks beforehand. For example, if you request a day in 3 weeks’ time, it will take one week before your receive notice. When you request a day for next week, you will be notified practically immediately.
  • If you have reported your child absent for a certain day, and subsequently it appears that you need to use this day after all, you can sign your child on again for this day by requesting an extra day.

If you have any further questions about the credit points, please take a look at the frequently asked questions. Or contact our Customer-relations department on 020 – 426 08 66 or at