What makes KDV Maalderij so special?

  • Crafts & mess studio
  • Adventure garden
  • Music, dance and yoga
  • In-house baby expert
  • Warm, vegetarian lunch
  • Placement students from the Regional Training Centre in the same building

KDV Maalderij is a beautiful daycare with a large natural garden in the Bovenkerk district of Amstelveen Zuid, close to Uithoorn and Aalsmeer. A lot of careful attention has been paid to the layout and furnishings, working in line with the latest educational concepts. The four group rooms have lots of natural light and are tastefully furnished, creating a sense of calm through the configuration and colour.

Have a look

Below you can see what the daycare looks like. Of course you are also welcome for a tour at the location itself!


The children learn in a playful way, in the studio the children can discover themselves by trying out various materials. Our adventurous natural garden lends itself to a journey of discovery with natural materials. Dance, music and yoga literally get the children moving. It is a joy to see the children develop in this way, each in their own speed and rhythm. All activities that we offer contribute to the entire spectrum of developing the young child: language, math, speech, sensory, motor, social and brain (executive functions).

Free expression in the studio

In addition to our outdoor studio, we have an indoor studio where children can experiment with different materials and “tools”. Often the children have a free choice of materials so that they can be created to their heart’s content. For the youngest children, we create these moments in our own group space.

Nature experience

Our adventurous natural garden also lends itself to a journey of discovery with natural materials, just think of what can be found about insects and crawling animals as soon as you take a tile out of the garden, or take a good look at a tree bark. For example, we include the children in the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly in our activities, so we also bring in a piece of nature.
In addition, the nature garden also challenges the children with motor skills. There are height differences in the garden and places where the children can experience physically what it is like to go through something, crawl under, play in, just to name a few examples.

Dance and movement

Learning with your body. What are your limitations? The pedagogical employee observes and can therefore match the individual needs of the children. How does it feel to be able to literally climb or climb somewhere. This gives language a much greater meaning. In addition to learning the words, they now also get the experience. Even our furniture challenges the children to be self-reliant and thus promote gross motor skills.

We weave this into dance or movement activities, the children sneak like tigers, climb like monkeys, balance on a rope like acrobats. In this way the children work on balance and awareness of the body. In addition, writing dance activities also pay attention to the gross motor writing movement, which as the children grow older increasingly claims to fine motor skills. All this supported by music, instrumental and with sung lyrics.


Music can have a calming effect on the children. In addition, listening to songs and singing is good for speech-language development, it increases vocabulary. Children who regularly listen to music distinguish better between sounds and words. This helps them to talk again.
In addition, songs contain a lot of regularity, making it easier to remember the words. Rhyming adds to that. Also, from the moment they walk, many children enjoy dancing, clapping and moving to music. This is also reflected in our dance and movement activities. All these actions are good for the motor skills of children. Children can express their emotions and music and help them deal with their feelings. Songs provide comfort, rest or make you happy. Music promotes children’s concentration and collaboration. Children get satisfaction when they see that others enjoy their “performance”. This ensures a more positive self-image. Children experiment with sound and rhythm. Music promotes creativity.


Yoga for toddlers are playful (yet responsible) soothing and energizing yoga exercises. Yoga for toddlers is a literal journey of what you can do with your body. How far can you bend forward, and how does that feel in your body? The children make physical contact with themselves but also with each other, this stimulates the production of endorphins and thus gives a feeling of happiness. Yoga for toddlers and preschoolers focuses on songs and games that make the yoga for young children varied and therefore playful, but also consists of breathing exercises and exercises to stimulate the senses. During the yoga activities, children discover their own self and this has a good effect on physical development.


We have seen very capable, enthusiastic, and motivated staff members. The location looks great, the garden is beautiful and very fun for the children.

– Parent KDV Maalderij

Daycare at KinderRijk

You work and are looking for a safe, trusted place for your child. KinderRijk’s daycare center (KDV) offers you the ideal environment. While you are working, your child will develop in a playful way at the KDV. Play is the best way to get a grip on the environment, for the little ones and the older children. That is why it is important that children are given the space to research and play. After all, it is their way of exploring the world. In addition, we ensure that your child has fun with peers and learns to treat other children with respect.

Why KinderRijk?

  • Learning through play: fun, development, imagination and respect form the basics.
  • The best staff available
  • A rich play area: inviting, spacious and diverse!
  • A lot of in-house expertise on development, with special attention for babies
  • Many ‘SpeelRijk’ activities: dance, music, movement, and creative activities
  • A healthy nutrition policy: tasty and together
  • A good preparation for school, and priority to a place in after-school care
  • Generous opening times and all-in rates.